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NEW YORK, NY and ATLANTA, GA , Nov. 5, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Remark Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: MARK )--a global digital media company--today announces the launch of , created to deliver actionable personal finance advice. Previously in beta, the site also serves as the hub for a larger financial ecosystem that includes the newly designed and . The sites incorporate responsive design, providing an optimized experience across mobile and tablet screens. will differentiate itself by connecting visitors to actionable content and a diverse community of personal finance experts from leading organizations such as The Garrett Planning Network and The National Association of Personal Finance Advisers (NAPFA). To ensure that users find the information they need quickly, content is organized by life cycle stage, with tools and visuals, such as infographics, that inspire action. Profile pages for experts and knowledge partners will provide background on the site's contributors while providing numerous ways for users to connect and follow its experts.

"Americans continue to face difficult financial challenges particularly in today's economy," said Carrie Ferman , Co-Chief Executive Officer at Remark Media . The web hasn't done a great job of simplifying the subject of personal finance. is designed to engage today's web-savvy consumers and steer them toward a better financial future."

"The site's original content--including infographics, polls, news stories and more--makes the experience more engaging, actionable and memorable. Whether buying a house or starting a new career, features like "Is it worth it?" and Q&A's that break down hot topics will allow users to take charge of their finances," said Rob Sheppe , Vice President of Product at Remark Media .

Additionally, consumers will be able to share their personal finance experiences with the Dimespring community and learn from others like them. And will offer interactive sessions with leading financial experts such as Jane Bryant Quinn --all for free. relaunches with a dramatically enhanced redesign and improved user experience. Navigation, interactive content, tools and newsletters are personalized to individuals' particular needs. and will focus on securing integrated opportunities for advertisers. Brand partners will contribute content to create a less disruptive user experience, providing partners with the opportunity to integrate their messaging into relevant content.

Remark Media will continue to develop a personal finance ecosystem to offer advice and actionable steps to its users across its many brands, which also includes the relaunch of in the first quarter of 2013.

About Remark Media :

Remark Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: MARK ) is a global digital media company focused on creating destinations that merge engaging content with rich social interaction. Remark Media owns and operates a portfolio of digital brands in the personal finance space including , , and . The Company is the exclusive digital publisher in China and Brazil for translated content from , a subsidiary of Discovery Communications . BoWenWang ( ) and ComoTudoFunciona ( ) provide readers in China and Brazil with thousands of articles about how the world around them works, serving as destinations for credible, easy-to-understand reference information. Remark Media is also a founding partner and developer of Sharecare, a highly searchable social Q&A healthcare platform organizing and answering health and wellness questions. The Company is headquartered in Atlanta with additional operations in New York , Beijing and Sao Paulo . Additional information is available on its corporate website at .

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