MicroEdge Unveils Game-Changing Advancement to World's Leading Grants Management System

New York, Nov. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions to the giving community worldwide today announced Blueprint, a cutting-edge innovation that will revolutionize the way organizations organize and manage their grantmaking by empowering them with the tools and flexibility to customize and tailor their grantmaking solution to a degree previously unseen in the giving community.

Thousands of giving organizations around the world rely on MicroEdge solutions to support their grantmaking - GIFTS, GIFTS Alta and GIFTS Online are the most widely used grants management solutions on the market. These products streamline and simplify every aspect of grants administration and award, which helps foundations, corporate giving programs and other charitable giving organizations track, manage and measure the process and impact of their giving. Blueprint, which will first be delivered as an add-on module for GIFTS Alta and subsequently for GIFTS Online, will fulfill the needs of countless philanthropic organizations whose unique giving processes and grant programs require a degree of customization currently unavailable in off-the-shelf grantmaking solutions.

The Need for Personalized Grantmaking

Foundations and other giving organizations can vary considerably in the scope of their giving, and in the processes, language and workflows used to manage their grantmaking. The information one organization requires is often entirely different than what another organization requires. The sequence of application review and approval workflows varies widely across organizations. The language used to classify and describe two similar pieces of information can be completely unique from one organization to the next. Even within the same organization, different roles need to view and act on different types of information. There are a large and growing number of organizations with highly unique or complex processes and systems of classification, and it is these organizations that provided the inspiration for Blueprint. This upcoming release will redefine the way such organizations use their grantmaking solution by providing more flexibility for customizing the software to meet unique needs than any system ever has, and will enable organizations to achieve tremendous efficiencies along the way.

Custom Workflows without Custom Development

Giving organizations will gain the ability to specially tailor workflows to align with their internal grant processes. This will also make it faster and easier to collaborate, as users can assign proposal reviews to colleagues, set tasks for individuals to complete while guiding them through the process, and allow different users to see only the information that is relevant to them, thereby accelerating the data entry, grant review, and approval processes, while improving data integrity and accuracy. The revolutionary aspect of these customization capabilities, however, lies in the fact that this can be achieved without having to perform custom development to the GIFTS system. Organizations that have sought to create this level of customization in the past have either built their own in-house systems or gone down the path of tailoring open source solutions to meet their needs. However, these options often bear out to be time-consuming and costly, while diverting the giving organization from its core mission.

Different Roles, Different Ways to Work

Within a giving organization, different types of users need to see different information, or perform a different set of tasks. Often, each user is presented with the same interface, the same set of data fields and information, regardless of whether they need to see it. While GIFTS Alta and GIFTS Online already provide the ability to define a dashboard view by user, Blueprint enables organizations to create a completely personalized way of working that is specific to any role. When an executive director logs into the system, their view and the process by which they complete tasks can look and act entirely different from the program officer or the grants manager.

Grants Management that Speaks Your Language

With the addition of Blueprint, users will have the ability to customize all of the data fields in their grants management system according to their organization's own unique requirements. They can remove fields that aren't used, create as many new data categories (fields) as they like, make them required, assign a unique name to each, and place any field anywhere they want within the system, while also creating groupings of fields that make the most sense based on the way the organization manages its giving process.

"Blueprint is a game changer," says MicroEdge CEO, Preston McKenzie. "We've spoken to many of our clients over the past few years and the message from them has been loud and clear--they need a flexible system that can be as unique as their organization and its giving processes. And that's what we're delivering. We're not just providing them with increased efficiency and the ability to bring their grantmaking together around an incredibly powerful system; we're giving the power to unite their entire organization around their unique language and operating procedures. Blueprint is further evidence of MicroEdge's ability to translate client feedback and needs into dynamic and impactful product advancements. I am excited about the MicroEdge product roadmap for 2013, and Blueprint is a strong way to start a very big year for our clients."

Availability and Information

GIFTS Alta Blueprint will be released in the first quarter of 2013. Similar capabilities will also be available as add-on functionality to GIFTS Online in 2013. To learn more about GIFTS Alta Blueprint, contact MicroEdge at 800.899.0890 or info@microedge.com.

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