Equities.com's Exclusive: Excerpt From Investment Guru Ken Fisher's Just Released Book 'Plan Your Prosperity'

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Renowned investor and financial expert Ken Fisher is at it again with his latest book, Plan Your Prosperity: The Only Retirement Guide You'll Ever Need, Starting Now–Whether You're 22, 52 or 82. Co-authored with Lara Hoffmans, Fisher sets out to debunk misconceptions that most people have toward retirement planning, and helping to avoid common pitfalls.

Using simple-to-understand financial concepts including budgeting, saving, and establishing sound investment goals, Plan Your Prosperity is sure to join Fisher's other best sellers such as The Only Three Questions That Count, The Ten Roads to Riches, How to Smell a Rat, Debunkery and Markets Never Forget (But People Do) as essential reading for anyone interested in investing in their retirement and life goals.

Read a special preview of Plan Your Prosperity right now on Equities.com to experience the book first-hand. Equities.com has long held Ken Fisher in the highest regard in the investment and finance industry, and is excited for the opportunity to provide this exclusive preview to its growing readership of over one million monthly visitors.

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"Ken Fisher is a legendary investor and financial advisor, and it is our privilege to offer this special preview of Plan Your Prosperity for our audience," said David Bernard, CEO of Equities.com. "We believe that our continued relationship with Ken and Fisher Investments will greatly benefit Equities.com's growing community of investors. The book is an absolute must read for anyone trying to understand their own finances and want to actively be involved in their retirement planning, which is parallel to our mission."

Read a special highlight of Equities.com's Plan Your Prosperity excerpt:

"... I hope to help you stop thinking about investing in a spliced-up way—that you should invest for a number of years one way, then one day, a buzzer goes off signaling it 's time to think about retirement. No! Instead, from the first time you fund an IRA or otherwise set money aside, I hope to get you thinking not just about retirement, but about investing for your whole life. And if you haven't been thinking that way all along, there's no time like the present to change.

Sure, there can be nearer-term goals not about retirement and beyond. You're young and newly married and want to save for a new home. Or you want to save to upgrade to a bigger home. Or you're saving for your kid's college or your college or a boat or whatever floats that boat. However, these should all be seen and felt as near-term sidesteps on what's otherwise a lifelong pursuit.

So I want you, right now, to stop thinking about investing and retirement investing and start thinking about investing for the entirety of your life. I want you to think about making plans now that increase the odds you achieve your goals, whatever they may be."

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About Fisher Investments

Founded in 1979, Fisher Investments is an independent, privately owned money management firm with tens of billions under management. Fisher Investments maintains two principal business units, Fisher Investments Institutional Group and Fisher Investments Private Client Group, which serve a global client base of diverse investors including over 100 large institutions and over 25,000 high net worth individuals. Founder and CEO Ken Fisher has written the Forbes "Portfolio Strategy" column for 27 years, has written 8 books on investing and personal finance (including 5 national bestsellers), and in 2010 was named by Investment Advisor magazine as one of the 30 most influential industry individuals in the last 30 years (Thirty for Thirty, May 2010). For more information visit http://www.fisherinvestments.com/.

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