Specifications of "Airweave Specifically Designed for Athletes" Used by 150+ London Olympic Athletes of Japan Revealed

KODA, Japan, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- weava japan inc. announced on October 1 that a special version of its highly resilient mattress pad "airweave" was supplied to top athletes of the Japanese national team for the London Olympics. The company started selling "airweave" in 2007. In 2011, the product was chosen to be a subject of R&D in the "Team 'Nippon' Multi-Support Project" (see the reference material) as a product for conditioning of athletes and weava japan jointly conducted R&D with University of Tsukuba. The "airweave specifically designed for athletes" newly developed through the R&D was supplied to 150+ top Japanese national team athletes for the London Olympics as part of the Multi-Support Project. This "airweave specifically designed for athletes" supported good sleep of the athletes and contributed to improving their conditions for competitions.

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-- Specifications of "airweave specifically designed for athletes"
This is a new type of mattress pad that is capable of providing satisfactory sleep to every top athlete whose physical build varies depending on the sport he/she plays.
- Size: W100cm x L200cm x T3,5cm (Core thickness 3cm)
- Variations: The following three types are available for different physiques and preferences on the mattress hardness.
Hard type (Super hard/Hard)
Moderate type (Hard/Moderate)
Soft type (Moderate/Soft)

Special Specification:
Using the comprehensive technology for airweave, one side of the mattress is made harder and the other side softer with the material density gradually changed.
For athletes who are heavy and have a lot of muscle mass, the hard type combination (super hard and hard) is offered, and the moderate type combination (hard and moderate) for mid-weight athletes and the soft type combination for light-weight athletes.
The reason why the hardness on one side and the other are changed is to provide the befitting sleeping environment to maintain each athlete's condition at its best.
Either side could be used according to the body condition; for example, the hard side when the muscle fatigue level is high and the soft side for usual days. For stretching exercise on the bed before sleeping, the hard side is more suitable.

Advantages of High-Resilience Mattress Pad "airweave"
Just place the "airweave" mattress pad on the bed or futon (Japanese mattress) you have and it gets ready to use.

  1. High resilience (force which pushes back your weight) makes a move and turnover easier and helps deep sleep.j
  2. Excellent dispersion of body pressure prevents physical strain.
  3. More than 90% of the mattress core is air, not getting damp in summer and keeping warm in winter with the heat insulation property of air.
  4. Everything, including the mattress core, is washable with water and can be kept clean.

-- "airweave specifically designed for athletes" can be rolled up and carried around in its bag.

Reference Material
Outline of Multi-Support Project
* From the website of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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