New SpringBoard™ 6.0 Offers Greater Project Management Software Access and Control

WILMINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LoadSpring Solutions, an innovator in Project Management (PM) hosting and software solutions, has released SpringBoard Version 6.0, a newly-enhanced hosting portal.

SpringBoard is recognized as the industry’s foremost cloud hosting portal. It allows secure access to—and control of—Project Management software and data, from any computer worldwide.

SpringBoard™ 6.0 preserves the same intuitive interface used globally by more than 2,000 enterprise organizations, but now offers new features and tools geared to add functionality, speed and efficiency.

SpringBoard 6.0 goes live October 6th and is designed for greater enterprise access and data control while saving effort, time and capital.

SpringBoard Advantages

A number of key features have been carried over from Version 5.5, such as easy software access, rapid deployment, private cloud solutions and bulk provisioning. Other ongoing advantages include single sign-on, software license tracking, access to the LoadSpring Academy training site and enterprise-level support and security.

In Version 6.0, SpringBoard allows users to tap the power of the cloud, with such enhancements as:

  • Unified Access with Location Awareness. This feature assures fast global access and data integrity.
  • BIM hosting. BIM software is now available in a hosted model without performance issues. Users now truly have a single secure portal for all their Project Management applications.
  • Instant access to LoadSpring Academy 2.0, now with student tracking and quiz reporting, leading to added software compliance, acceptance and usage.
  • SmartSupport—LoadSpring’s automated issue resolution system is designed to find answers even before the user finishes asking the question. Quick self-fixes are available any time, or users can call LoadSpring directly for 1-on-1 contact.
  • Set Application roles during provisioning. Now administrators can assign P6r8 application roles at the same time they set-up new users all from 1 interface.
  • Auto Performance Indicators. SpringBoard now lets users see real-time connection speeds and SpringBoard performance at a glance allowing them to see if an issue exists.
  • Self-registration option aids administrators by letting each user self-register to SpringBoard.

SpringBoard 6.0 is an important part of LoadSpring’s ongoing effort to improve customer experiences and provide a quicker return on investment.

Project Management professionals are encouraged to call LoadSpring for a full overview of the latest SpringBoard improvements.

About LoadSpring Solutions

Founded in 1999, LoadSpring® is a Project Management Solutions company that's totally dedicated to project management software and the people who use it. Our intuitive, user-friendly SpringBoard™ control panel, combined with our Professional Services Group, makes life simpler and easier for Project Managers and IT teams. These professionals see us as major problem-solvers, helping them make smarter business decisions. LoadSpring supports Fortune 100 companies in industries such as: Architecture; Engineering and Construction; Manufacturing; Real Estate Services; Financial; Gas; Energy/Utilities; City, State and Federal Government; Entertainment; Healthcare and others.

For more information, contact Stacey Witt at switt@connexiacommunications.com or visit www.loadspring.com.

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