Retro Fanny Pack Company Flashes Back For Fun And Fashion

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- If there is one sign that shows that the 80's are back in vogue, it may be the emergence of The online retailer is proud to announce its premier fanny pack collection from around the globe. These hip-flattering 80's throwbacks call to mind the days of crimped hair, leg warmers and ski patrol without the DeLorean, allowing wearers to reminisce while staying hip with one of the fastest-growing trends of the day – 80's nostalgia.

First popularized thirty years ago as a convenient, unisex waist bag for the person on the go, patterned and neon fanny packs were worn by everyone from actors to professional athletes. Variations such as the wrist pack proved how popular the concept was. Every demographic wore their hip pouches a little differently--to the side, to the back, to the front--and color options ranged from neon hues to bright, chromatic patterns. The goal, as with most 80's fashions, was to exude individuality.

Now, with styles of the 1980's becoming popular again, debuts a catalog that promises individuality and functional storage with a variety of designs. The collection includes a neon fanny pack called the Ski Junky, a sequined bag known as the Break Dancer and a see-through pack dubbed the Show Off. Other styles include a Christmas-themed pack that features Santa's face, two neon D.A.R.E. bags in green and blue that reference the Reagan-era drug-education program, and a unique new design called the Hip Jockey. Built-in speakers and a special compartment connect the Hip Jockey to the wearer's iPhone or iPod, bringing their music to the streets much like a 1980's boombox would.


Founded in 2012 by college buddies Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton, is the only website in the world solely dedicated to consolidating and selling "the world's most unique and awesome fanny packs." is also connected to a broader popular movement to bring back retro styles of the 80's. Mendelsohn and Morton have started several other e-commerce websites devoted to selling everything from Christmas sweaters to 80's-style clothing and accessories.

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