Over 11,000 Asian UHNW Real Estate Investors Driving Global Property Boom

SINGAPORE, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Wealth-X, the ultra high net worth (UHNW) business development solution for Private Bankers, Prospect Researchers, Marketing Executives, Business Development Professionals and Fundraisers, launched its latest report, "Real Estate And The Asian UHNW Investor" during a keynote address by CEO Mykolas D. Rambus at the Hubbis Asian Wealth Management Forum in Singapore last week.

The unique report, based on the proprietary Wealth-X database of UHNW individuals, profiles ultra affluent real estate investors in six Asian prominent markets and details the common characteristics of over 11,730 Asian UHNW real estate investors. With such specialist insight, private banks, property firms and investment funds can effectively design products and departments that specifically address the needs of this highly sought after investor base worth more than US$1.9 trillion.

"With diminished activity on the part of institutional investors and increasing cross-border investment among Asian UHNW real estate investors, this report is well-timed to be a key piece of financial organizations' strategic plans to capture this market," said Mr. Rambus.

"Real estate remains an asset class of choice for Asian UHNW individuals, because many have added millions to their net worth through previous investments in property. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, this community is starting to fill the gap left by institutions that are only interested in extremely well known but low-yielding assets. That an estimated US$70 billion of investment flows into real estate in 2011 were directly attributable to ultra wealthy investors indicates the strength of the market and the potential value for organizations who offer real estate-specific solutions and client service."

For more information and to download a copy of the report, please visit: www.wealthx.com/articles/2012/real-estate-and-the-asian-uhnw-investor/

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