Vizualiiz Redefines Data Center Asset Management Again with LightsOn Version 2.3D

360o Visual Search/Navigation of Tech Assets with Faceplate-Level Detail Provides Fast Knowledge

WOODINVILLE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Vizualiiz, an innovator in technology solutions that make managing data center assets faster, easier and more affordable, today announced LightsOn™ version 2.3D, which brings the visual management of technology assets to another new realm. The updated desktop user interface includes unprecedented 360o North, South, East and West visual 3D navigation of all data center assets, includes top down views, zooming to server, rack and equipment faceplate levels, plus below the floor views to understand power distribution. Equally important, technology assets can be searched, color-coded, and visually viewed based on a wide variety of criteria such as asset age, manufacturer, capacity and power consumption. Keeping with earlier releases, LightsOn version 2.3D is scalable, supporting multiple data centers and up to 10,000 assets per room, includes prebuilt reports exportable to Microsoft Word and Excel to quickly communicate about data center asset installations, maintenance and financials to company executives.

Bob Cartwright, Vizualiiz President explained how advanced visualization technology and integrated software dramatically improves decision making and reduces operational costs, “You can’t manage what you can’t see and LightsOn 2.3D completely redefines the ability to instantly and visually access technology asset details.” Cartwright added, “The level of asset detail data center managers are accountable for is mindboggling and providing instant answers to company executives about the number of assets, purchases, space, lease renewals and maintenance contracts takes too long, too many resources and cripples an organizations ability to rapidly make smart decisions. Visually scanning a data center and drilling down to all asset details in 3D from a desktop is a game changer because everything you need to know about your assets is current, available and easily exportable to others using prebuilt reports.”

LightsOn helps asset managers maximize the value and performance of data center operations by providing accurate, visual and reliable technology asset information with a solid ROI. For example, in April 2012 Vizualiiz announced LightsOn Scout, the android-based tablet application with integrated software that optimizes the capturing, tagging, transferring and auditing of data center assets. With Scout, more than 1500 assets can be scanned, captured, verified and validated in less than 15 minutes, reducing a typical data center inventory audit from days to minutes.

About Vizualiiz

Founded in 2010, privately held Vizualiiz created the patent-pending LightsOn™ solution to help companies redefine how data center assets are managed by using innovative, 21st century technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs. LightsOn combines advanced 3D visual graphic technology with integrated search capabilities, to provide fast access to asset details and enable informed decision-making. The technology agnostic solution supports new ways of rapidly collecting and inputting asset details into the database, including capturing details from assets tagged with RFID or barcodes using wireless, hand-held tablets, speeding asset audit times from days to minutes and improving accuracy. The turnkey solution includes completely integrated software and is delivered via SaaS or premise-based with hands on support.

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