Get Real USA (GTRL) Announces The Creation of a Film Financing Fund Under the direction of Gregory M. Walker

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Get Real USA, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GTRL) announced Company advisor Gregory M. Walker plans to launch a film finance fund that will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of GTRL.

"Since joining our advisory board Mr. Walker, had plans to establish a film finance division for the Company," said Frank Weber, CEO of Get Real USA.

"Gregory Walker is already a highly experienced financier in the film industry. His objective is to start a film fund for GTRL that will focus on: financing film tax credits, Gap financing secured by foreign sales contracts, and a completion fund. The ultimate goal is to help producers with funds to complete their projects."

Governments offer Film Production tax credit programs. These programs typically provide qualifying film and television productions credits for qualified production expenditures. When these credits are sold they add to the overall profitability of the production.

"There are several areas within the film finance space that allow for secured lending while still hitting high overall returns on investments," says Walker, whose film fund in Louisiana has been running successfully for three years.

"We believe we can operate a very active and highly profitable fund for GTRL and be up and running very quickly," added Walker. "But more importantly this should open the door to many other business opportunities for Get Real USA."

About Get Real USA, Inc.:

Get Real USA, Inc. (GTRL.PK) is in the business of producing and distributing low-budget, high quality genre pictures using recognizable name talent. GTRL's business strategy is to work with highly skilled producers and directors who also offer fierce attention to risk assessment and cost management.

The Company's goal is to create a strong production and distribution pipeline while taking advantage of new technologies, production efficiencies and value-added enhancements such as innovative and edgy marketing strategies.

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