Jumpjet Poised To Break The Price Barrier On Private Jet Travel In A Way Never Before Seen

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In an era when stressful air travel is the norm, the thought of premium yet accessible private jet access feels like a dream. Today, the dream becomes a reality with the launch of Jumpjet, a membership-based luxury travel club that affords flyers private jet travel for the price of first class. Jumpjet will begin accepting members today and will officially take flight on November 1, departing from 40 U.S. cities on prospective flights to more than 500 U.S. destinations.

Jumpjet members can select from a menu of personal and corporate packages or customize their own. For a fixed monthly fee, members are able to access Jumpjet's luxurious range of world-class jets including Citation, Gulfstream, Falcon and Bombardier, on a personalized schedule that suits their individual travel needs.

Unlike typical private jet ownership and charter that can cost as much as $100,000 for as little as 25 hours of flight time, Jumpjet offers members a similar experience made possible by patent-pending scheduling technology at a price point equal to or less than First Class.

"With the membership model's accessible price point, we anticipate the launch of Jumpjet will bring new customers to private aviation, supporting the charter industry and operators as a whole," says Jumpjet Founder and CEO Will Ashcroft, aviation industry entrepreneur and commercial helicopter pilot. "There are also countless travelers frustrated by their current flying experience and would like to upgrade but haven't considered the possibility because it is price prohibitive. With the introduction of Jumpjet, we believe we can change the way millions of people travel and bring luxury and value together in a new and truly positive way."

Perfect for the leisure traveler tired of waiting in airport lines and the corporate executive whose productivity depends on touching down on time, Jumpjet offers four simple, all-encompassing packages tailored to every travel taste.

  • Upper Club: $2,350 per month, includes 10 roundtrip premium flights per calendar year to destinations within a range of 1750 miles
  • Upper Club Plus: $3,995 per month, includes 10 roundtrip premium flights per calendar year to destinations within a range of 2250 miles
  • Coast to Coast Elite: $5,550 per month, includes 10 roundtrip premium flights per calendar year to destinations anywhere within the USA
  • Jump Shared: The same great benefits of Upper Club and Upper Club Plus, but members have the option to share the monthly fee with up to ten friends and family.

Jumpjet members are also provided a VIP private concierge to handle anything associated with the day's travel, whether it be a dog walker, wakeup call or a dinner reservation. Additionally, Every Jumpjet member is enrolled in the company's exclusive Frequent Flyer Program, which allows them to travel on an existing flight with open availability at no additional charge. To further display Jumpjet's commitment to innovation, companion passes are available for $1,250 - $2,000 per guest through the Jumpjet Guest Club.

As of today, Jumpjet is accepting new members and will officially begin taking reservations on October 15. Flights from all of Jumpjet's 40 U.S. cities are scheduled to begin on November 1.

From scheduling your flight to landing at your destination, Jumpjet takes your travel to the next level and creates a luxurious, accessible and stress-free experience every time you fly. To learn more about Jumpjet and for additional membership information, please visit www.jumpjet.com.

About Jumpjet
Jumpjet is a membership-based luxury travel service that affords flyers private jet usage for the price of first class. For a monthly fee, members gain access to Jumpjet's patent-pending scheduling technology, a fleet of state-of-the-art luxury jets and service originating from 40 cities to over 500 U.S. airports. In addition, this innovative travel model is further enhanced by an exclusive Frequent Flyer Program and Jumpjet's team of expert travel liaisons, who are on call to create custom travel itineraries that perfectly fit within each member's specific schedule. All aircrafts are FAA certified and inspected by the most esteemed, globally recognized third-party safety auditors, Wyvern and ARGUS. With a stable of monthly package options that suit any and all travel needs, Jumpjet is truly revolutionizing the way people travel by allowing them to fly private for the price of first class. For more information please visit www.jumpjet.com.

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