Gunther Grant, Inc. Develops Fraud Prevention Program For Casino Customers

EAST ISLIP, N.Y., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Gunther Grant, Inc. (OTC Pinks: GNGR) announced today that is has developed fraud prevention technology for chocolate products that are used as promotional giveaways in casinos.

Got Chocolates was approached by one of its casino customers to develop a way to reduce fraud from its chocolate promotional giveaway program. Each chocolate bar contains a golden ticket that has different prizes such as a new car, $10,000 cash, etc. Customers of the casino were replicating these tickets and claiming prizes. The Company answered the need of the casino by creating an individual UPC on each ticket. The golden ticket with the prize has one unique bar code. When the prize is redeemed the UPC is scanned and removed from the winning pool database. This prevents fraud and also tracks what prizes were not redeemed. Even if a customer did copy a ticket, it would not be able to be redeemed twice.

"This security feature may be a regulation by the Las Vegas gaming commission soon and since we are already to offer this, we may become not the premiere but the ONLY chocolate company chosen as our competitors refuse to adapt to this way of creating a secure environment for their customers," stated Grant Newsteder, CEO of Gunther Grant, Inc.

About Gunther Grant, Inc.

Gunther Grant, Inc. owns controlling interest and manages various companies in the confections industry that specialize in chocolate production, confection technology, mold production, and specialty advertising. The Company owns Got Chocolates, Inc, www.GotChocolates.com, www.WonkaChocolates.com, Supercrave.com, www.logococo.com, and the rights to produce BETTY BOOP confections. Through its subsidiaries, Gunther Grant, Inc. has been producing chocolates for retailers and wholesalers for over 35 years.

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