New Social App Makes it Easier to Express Opinion during Presidential Debates

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- If you like what you are hearing during this week's presidential debate, tap the top part of your screen. Don't like it? Tap towards the bottom. It's all part of the feedback interface of Ponderoo, a new mobile app that gives users the power to express their opinions, and understand how thousands of others are reacting, during live events like Wednesday's debate, all in real-time.


The free app could have immediate influences on the presidential race, as public reactions continue to impact the direction of the campaigns. With a tight race heading towards the election, growing importance is being placed on the first presidential debate this Wednesday night, October 3rd.

"We wanted to create an app that not only makes it easier to express your opinion, but also lets you quickly understand what a huge number of other people are thinking at that exact moment," said Jennifer Dodson, Ponderoo's vice president.

While other social apps, as well as political pundit blog sites, will be ablaze with opinions and analysis, these sites generally only display a small segment of the electorate or the feedback of political experts.

"People feel strongly about being a visible part of public opinion. But not everyone feels comfortable using the tools out there for expressing an opinion and interacting," said James Dodson, president of Ponderoo. "We're trying to make the sharing of opinions occur much more easily, with an interface that requires just a quick glance at your device."

The app works by users first entering a "Pond" -- a shared live event, like Wednesday's live TV broadcast of the debate. Once in the Pond, the user's screen will display a midline. A tap, or "ripple", on the user's device screen above the midline indicates a positive opinion in real-time. Rippling below the midline indicates a negative opinion. Users can also choose to display the "world", which shows an aggregated opinion line of everyone in the Pond.

Ponderoo was developed for live social interaction scenarios, including TV, concerts, and sporting events.

About Ponderoo

Ponderoo, LLC is a private start-up based in Austin, Texas. Launched in August 2012, the mobile application is available for free download for the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes Store.

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