MetaPower International, Inc. Business Overview and Update

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MetaPower International, Inc. (OTCPK: MTPR) is pleased to provide this overview and update of its business.

Business Overview and Update

MetaPower has developed the patented UCoDA Business Process Management Technology for rapidly designing and implementing business process computer applications. The UCoDA Technology is the result of 20 years of process re-engineering consulting with major corporations and reflects a significant departure from traditional information technology ("IT") development approaches.

The current generation of IT technology has a relational data view of business information systems and organizes computer applications from a data organization point of view. UCoDA organizes information from the business process view of business information systems and has a process organization point of view. This alternative view provides the foundation for rapid business application development by the business community rather than the IT community.

The UCoDA Technology is deployed in an internet-based architecture so that the software can be offered as a service over the internet. This approach to software architecture has been referred to as "Software as a Service" and as "Cloud Computing." This enables MetaPower to sell subscriptions to use the software without having to install the system on client computers.

MetaPower has engaged with the Center for Organization Reform ("COR") located in Spokane, Washington to research and develop an approach for understanding and leading organizational culture. Based on this research, an approach to defining cultural expectations and to measuring the degree of cultural compliance has been developed and a patent application is now pending.

MetaPower has developed a model of the work activities and information required to ensure a safe industrial operation. This model is the basis for MetaPower's culture development consulting practice. It is the basis for a proprietary set of safety criteria that client organizations can benchmark their safety systems and work practices against.

MetaPower has integrated the safety criteria, our Culture Leadership Approach with our UCoDA Technology and our consulting expertise to offer a breakthrough Safety Management Solution that is branded as "Noble Production." The Noble Production offering includes a suite of UCoDA based applications and associated services required for a client to gain control of its information infrastructure and manage its value system to move to a high performance safety culture.

The Applications of the Noble Production solution include: Condition Reporting, Action Planning & Management, Audits & Assessment, Observation Tracking and Trending, and Change Management applications.

The Services of the Noble Production solution include: Culture Management Services, Root Cause Analysis Services, Hazard Analysis Services, Technical Services, Data Conversion Technical Services, and UCoDA Support Services.

MetaPower intends to sell subscriptions for the use of Noble Production over the internet. Services to support the implementation of Noble Production will be provided on a contract basis with either package pricing or per hour billing as appropriate.

MetaPower will provide a simple survey offering, using the Audit and Assessments module, with a limited benchmark of Safety Criteria as a free offering to all heavy industrial facilities. This free offering will create a database of current performance which will enable participants to benchmark their performance against other industry players as well as the base standard. This will also introduce MetaPower and our technology to each of these prospective clients.

The Company will position this offering through marketing communications that establish BPM technology based applications as the preferred solution to the flexibility required of a Safety Management Program. Direct sales will focus on Hazardous Industry Operating executives and managers such as the Division Vice Presidents, Plant Managers, and Department Managers.

The MetaPower solution will be implemented through a project lifecycle. The project will engage MetaPower Consultants and client subject matter experts together to implement the solution. The project will include training, planning and implementation activities of the Noble Production program.

Once we are engaged we intend to extend our presence in the client organization by showing the power of the UCoDA technology to integrate information and processes to rapidly provide innovative solutions in other underserved process areas.

The Company's initial deployment of the Noble Production suite of applications now has a target release date of Q4 2012. Current development work is near completion. Client testing identified some important enhancements that were necessary to be fully functional for the user. The schedule is still for Q4 2012 but may slip into Q1 of 2013.

A technology approach to measuring and leading a Safety Culture has not been previously developed and to MetaPower's knowledge no other offering exists at this time. MetaPower believes our offering represents the first time Business Process Re-engineering, Computer Technology and Industrial Psychology have been combined to address the critical issues of safety and production in these facilities.

Business Process Management is a multi-billion dollar market and has a variety of players. However, this market has not found the application that properly exploits the capabilities of the technology. MetaPower believes that the combination of our UCoDA BPM technology and the culture leadership solution represent an offering that competitors cannot match.

About MetaPower International, Inc.:

MetaPower International, Inc. is a technology and services firm originally founded in 1996 that provides information technology and change management services to hazardous process industries. This link between technology and services is critical to manage the changes necessary to successfully compete in the current environment. In today's world, business operations must be streamlined to meet the challenges of these turbulent economic times.

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