Proximal Data Offers Free Trial of AutoCache Fast Virtual Cache Software

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Proximal Data, the leading provider of server-side caching solutions specifically designed for virtualized environments, today announced the availability of a free trial of AutoCache, its fast virtual cache software. Proximal Data’s “Try Us Trial Program” gives customers a no-obligation opportunity to experience how quickly and easily AutoCache eliminates I/O bottlenecks in virtualized servers to increase virtual machine (VM) density, efficiency and performance.

“By offering a free trial of AutoCache, we are enabling a broader range of customers to benefit immediately from our fast virtual cache solution for their VMware server virtualization environments,” said Rory Bolt, DEO of Proximal Data. “Customers can witness for themselves how AutoCache can help them increase VM density by up to three times, with absolutely no impact on IT operations. As a result, customers will realize the potential for a tremendous return on their investment in AutoCache.”

Simple to install, AutoCache plugs easily into industry-leading hypervisors such as VMware’s ESXi and transparently works on all I/O without requiring agents in guest operating systems. AutoCache places the hot I/O into a PCIe flash card or SSD and intelligently supplies priority data traffic to VMs.

“With AutoCache, customers can quickly implement and coordinate flash cache at the hypervisor level. This allows them to implement the solution quickly and start seeing the benefits of SSD right away,” said George Crump, lead analyst, Storage Switzerland. “AutoCache is specifically designed to address the VM density issue in virtualized servers by not significantly draining system resources as the number of VMs is increased.”

Available for download at the Proximal data website, AutoCache installs and configures in seconds. Within minutes, customers will see I/O bottlenecks disappear and performance improve, allowing them to add more VMs.

To download the free trial of AutoCache, go to

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Proximal Data is the leading provider of server-side caching solutions specifically designed for virtualized environments. Proximal Data’s AutoCache™ software can dramatically increase virtual machine density by eliminating I/O bottlenecks with adaptive I/O caching. When coupled with PCIe flash cards or SSDs from our partners, Proximal Data’s fast virtual cache significantly improves the efficiency and performance of virtualized servers without disrupting IT operations or processes.

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