Woisio Advances The State-of-the-Art Of Open And Connected Communication

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Woisio, a new online media platform, today announced the company's Private Beta launch. Leveraging the collective wisdom and power of people for content distribution and consumption, it turns the consumer economy into a consumer democracy. Woisio sets an unprecedented standard that observes simplicity, fairness and voice of people while eliminating the middlemen in the current media ecosystem.

"We live in a media manufactured society," said Mujdat Ayoguz, Founder and CEO, Woisio. "We have built Woisio as a global social experiment that empowers all people in the world to have fair access to other people's attention. We want no casting agency, no editor and no IPTV operator that stands between two ends. In short, no more mass media generated hierarchy imposed on the world. We have leveled the playing field."

Woisio puts the power of how and when you view content into the hands of community. The platform is based on stages, which are the anchor points that bring people together around places, things, and concepts people are interested in – from music and politics to comedy. The opportunities are limitless because at Woisio, the world is yours.

With an easy to navigate electronic programming guide for the stages you follow for a simple TV like experience, the Woisio community drives this new media market by casting their votes for content on the stages they view. By accumulating Wollars (the platform's online currency), as the result of viewers' votes, users can bid for or buy more time slots on a stage to perform their next gig.

Further addressing the missing pieces in the current online media experience, Woisio also provides: On demand option, stage check-in, real time conversation in a time slot, and "Sit'n Relax" mode for people who want to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Woisio will be available on all browsers with the iPhone, iPad and Android clients soon to follow.

About Woisio
Woisio was founded in November 2011. The company's mission is simple: Deliver an online platform and experience that brings out the voice of people that people would like to listen to.

For more information visit our web site, www.woisio.com, follow us @woisio or find us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/woisio.