USW Supports Sal Pace's Efforts to Save Colorado Jobs

PUEBLO, Colo., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The top leader of the United Steelworkers (USW) for the western 11-states region today gave the union's endorsement of Sal Pace, democratic candidate for Colorado's third congressional district. Bob LaVenture, director, USW District 12 issued the following statement.


"Sal Pace has always fought to keep good-paying jobs right here in Colorado and we are proud to endorse and support him as the Democratic Candidate for Congress in the Third District. Our action will extend to reaching out in our Pueblo neighborhoods and community to advocate his candidacy for family-supportive industrial jobs.

"When Sal held a town hall meeting and heard about steel made in China being used to build the 4th Street Bridge in Pueblo, he introduced a bill to require state agencies to buy American products when spending taxpayer money. After gridlock in the State House prevented the bill from passing, Sal called up the Governor and convinced him to get this issue addressed.

"It was because of Sal's leadership that the Governor ended up signing the 'Buy America' executive order. This couldn't have happened without Sal's leadership. All of Colorado workers and their families are better off because of it.

"Ensuring that state agencies use products manufactured here in America will make certain that our taxes are not used to ship jobs overseas. It means we build bridges with steel from a company down the street, instead of shipping steel from across an ocean. It invests in the American worker, grows the middle class, and helps bring economic stability to our communities.

"The USW has been proud to work with Sal Pace, candidate for Colorado's Third Congressional District in Pueblo to create jobs and stand up for working Americans."

Sal currently represents HD-46, Pueblo, in the Colorado State House of Representatives. Since being elected in 2008, Sal has worked in a bi-partisan fashion to fight for good paying jobs, stimulate the economy and bring accountability and transparency to government.

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SOURCE United Steelworkers (USW)