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MIAMI, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Just launched on September 15th, 2012, is looking to have a huge impact on the future of the independent music industry. The Studio120 blog ( has artist interviews, expert interviews, music industry news, and advice for artists and fans to connect with independent music. The problem with the independent music industry is that music listeners cannot find alternative music and unsigned artists cannot effectively gain exposure and monetize their music. There are the major labels of Sony, Universal, EMI (now merged with Universal), and BMG promoting signed artists, and yet there is no place for independent artists to develop their career. is the solution to this problem.


The Studio is an independent music community which unites artists and fans to generate revenue and discover new music. Studio120's innovative concept uses fans and the cause of music education as a marketing force for the music. In the Studio, fans are able to act as music promoters by doing what they love, which is sharing new music with their friends. When a fan buys a song or product, that item becomes available on their profile page and they receive a 5 percent sharing commission when that product is purchased by another fan. This fan sales commission model digitizes the concept of a street team to produce sales. Artists also use cause marketing for their music with 1.20% of revenue being donated to help fund music education programs in our schools. The Studio's mission is to unite fans and artists to profitably sell and promote independent music.

Studio120 is a community to discover, share, and enjoy independent music because artists are unsatisfied with current digital distribution channels and fans are eager for music outside of the mainstream. Unlike other online music distributors for upcoming artists, the Studio gives artists revenue streams and promotion networks to manage their music career from one location. We also give fans exclusive music content, sharing commissions, and music subscriptions to enhance music discovery.

As a musician, lyricist, and poet the Founder has directly experienced the struggle for independent artists and what it takes to make them successful. The idea for the organization grew from unsigned artists in the Founder's Music Business classes who desired a platform to promote and distribute their music. The revenue streams for artists offered on the site developed from the Founder's experience as an artist management intern for international pop star Paulina Rubio, an Operations Intern at AEGLive, Stage Manager at the Miami Music Festival, and manager for the band EvolutionOfSound (E O S), the Cornerstoners, and booking for various independent artists. In these positions, the Founder learned how major artists make revenue from individual digital music, music subscriptions, merchandise, charity albums, and charity concerts. is a place where listening to downloads and subscriptions helps to support music education programs for the next generation of musicians. This month we are donating to a public high school called South Broward in Hollywood, FL. Many major corporations such as Dawn, Hamburger Helper, and Newman's Own have utilized socially incentivized marketing for their products by aligning their company with a cause. Additionally, companies such as Product(Red) have proven the marketability of socially beneficial products. Product (RED), a company which sells products with half of the gross going to a campaign to fight AIDS in Africa, has raised 160 million dollars for the global fund in the past 5 years. We plan to have an impact of a similar scope but instead help to fund music education programs around the world.

Studio120 uniquely offers independent artists a one stop platform to make the same revenue streams as major artists.

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