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West Palm Beach, Oct. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the culmination of the FedEx Cup last week Greg Norman suggested that Tiger Woods may be intimidated by the young European, Rory McIlroy. Norman, a living legend himself, held the number one ranking for longer than any other golfer - besides Tiger Woods.

"What I'm seeing is that Tiger's really intimidated by Rory," noted Norman. "When have you ever seen him intimidated by another player? Never. But I think he knows his time's up and that's normal; these things tend to go in 15 year cycles."

U.S. Powergolf owner Dave Zajac, himself a well known figure on golf's national long drive stage, enjoyed the exchange and especially the new label for McIllroy. "It's great that Tiger and Rory embraced the new sobriquet. It has been a while since we had a golfer that truly embodied their nickname like Ernie "The Big Easy" Els or Jack "Golden Bear" Nicklaus. It really is a pleasure to watch two of the world's best professional golfers in direct competition and inspiring each other to their penultimate performances."

The Intimidator has been a moniker of several athletes through the years including Sonny Liston, Wayne Belak, Tree Rollins and naturally Dale Earnhardt. It is strange to think a golfer would fittingly embody "The Intimidator" homage, however, McIlroy, with his classic modern-day swing, solid short game, and superb chipping from tight lies make him deserving of the nickname. It's his consistency and calm demeanor that make him a golf intimidator.

A nickname like that goes a long way in the psychological warfare that is present at any golfing event. U.S. Powergolf has designed a golf shaft called the N-Timidator that will allow any golfer to improve their driving distance and ball control. The N-Timidator is designed with a mid or high point for lower ball flight and reduced spin rate which enables any golfer to harness the most requisite characteristic of a successful golfer like McIlroy - better control and greater consistency.


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