RHR International Shares 10 Dimensions for Successful CEO Succession

CHICAGO, Oct. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a joint RHR International/Chief Executive magazine study of 236 corporate directors, 95 percent of respondents acknowledged that CEO succession is a critical business continuity issue. Yet more than half (53 percent) rated themselves as "ineffective" in executing their responsibilities in the CEO succession process.

In RHR International's new book, "Inside CEO Succession: The Essential Guide to Leadership Transition," Drs. Thomas J. Saporito and Paul C. Winum have created a comprehensive resource designed to help corporate boards develop an expertise in CEO succession that accounts for this Knowing-Doing Gap and pays attention to the psychological tensions that attend every step of the process.

In this issue of Executive Insight, the authors present an excerpt from the book that outlines 10 Key Dimensions that must be maintained to ensure that the risks inherent in each leadership transition are minimized and the best outcomes are achieved. Having good practices to manage each of these 10 Dimensions in a continuous process will ensure that a board of directors is operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency and that its CEO succession planning program is, without question, a best practice.

"When properly planned and thoughtfully executed, CEO succession offers a company far more than just the transitioning of its top leader, said Dr. Saporito, Chairman and CEO of RHR International. "CEO succession also enables companies to envision new opportunities for growth, realign and strengthen processes and systems throughout the enterprise, and propel companies to greater results in the service of their missions."

For additional details, download the complete issue, entitled "Inside CEO Succession: 10 Key Dimensions for Success."


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