JusticeXchange® marks 10-year anniversary

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- JusticeXchange, an integrated justice solution that gives criminal justice leaders an instant, up-to-date database of booking records and other information from thousands of agencies across the country, is celebrating its 10th year of helping law enforcement investigators. JusticeXchange links law enforcement to thousands of agencies across the country, and includes nearly 70 million booking records and nearly 13 million photos. It also includes secure access to other information sources that an agency wants to share with their other law enforcement organizations. Additionally, it provides users access to real-time features for monitoring of events, link analysis, photo lineups and more.

"Our strategy is simple — help agencies reduce costs and provide them with comprehensive information in one convenient and easy to use location," said Paul Colangelo, Appriss president.

Earlier this year, JusticeXchange added new public records data to help law enforcement agencies expand their investigations. The new sources include information on vehicle registrations, marriages/divorces, possible relatives to persons of interest, and more.

"By combining these data sources in JusticeXchange we are able to provide law enforcement with the most powerful investigative tool on the market," said Colangelo.

Since its launch in 2002, JusticeXchange has grown rapidly, with law enforcement agencies in more than 30 states using it to find wanted persons who may already be incarcerated in other states. Almost half the people currently behind bars are wanted on other charges.

"Over the past ten years, thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country have been able to locate missing persons, track registered sex offenders who have absconded, and find parents who have failed to maintain child support," said Colangelo. "Robbery, sexual assault, abduction and murder cases have been solved in part by the information JusticeXchange provides."

JusticeXchange is also used by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which relies on the tool's booking data to find abductors and, in some cases, missing children who have been jailed for crimes after turning 18.

About Appriss

Appriss keeps communities safe and informed by using innovative technology to provide a suite of products that: inform crime victims of an offender's status (VINE); help police catch criminals (JusticeXchange); improve traffic safety and make crash reports available online (BuyCrash); and prevent the illegal sale of pseudoephedrine to help reduce the number of meth labs (NPLEx).

Appriss also provides smartphone apps for sheriffs' offices to help them communicate more effectively with their communities. The app is provided at no cost to sheriffs who offer VINE.

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