Mind-Your-Health.com Introduces Online Store to Boost Consumer Health and Wellness

OTTAWA, Ontario, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Canada-based internet retailer of health and wellness products, JT Global Solutions Inc., today introduced its new online store at www.Mind-Your-Health.com.

JT Global Solutions was launched just this year in response to the health and wellness needs of our aging population. Mind-Your-Health.com offers a variety of health and wellness products including Amino Acids, Antioxidants, B-Complex Formulas, Calcium Formulas, Digestive Health Products, Heart-Healthy Formulas, Herbal Supplements, Mental Performance Products, Multiple Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Food Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Vitamin C Formulas and Vitamin E Formulas.

Although nutritional needs should be met through diet, many people lack important and beneficial nutrients. Supplements are not intended to be a food substitute but can help an individual accomplish a more balanced diet. Certain vitamins are said to be extremely beneficial for women who may become pregnant, women who are pregnant and adults over the age of 50 who require essential vitamins to ensure a longer, healthier life.

Mind-Your-Health.com operates as an electronic commerce (e-commerce) store and accepts all major credit cards. The website also hosts a blog within Mind-Your-Health.com that discusses personal health, wellness, product reviews, and more.

Additional items will be added to the inventory in the near future and Mind-Your-Health.com is committed to providing its site visitors with high quality products and transactions. All items purchased can be shipped anywhere in the United States and Canada.

For more information on JT Global Solutions Inc., and its new health and wellness site, visit www.mind-your-health.com.

SOURCE JT Global Solutions Inc.