GfK’s Digital Market Intelligence Joins Advertising Week’s Data Congress

Thought leaders from social platforms, content providers, and agencies will discuss how big data is transforming business

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With greater access to data than ever before, marketers today need to find smarter, quicker ways of turning that information into decisions. Florian Kahlert, Managing Director of GfK’s Digital Market Intelligence (DMI) team in North America, will join an outstanding thought leader group to take on this topic at Advertising Week’s 2012 Data Congress, billed as “From the Big Leagues to Big Brands: How Industry Leaders Are Winning with Data.”

The event will take place October 3rd from 3PM to 6PM at NASDAQ Market Site (4 Times Square, New York City). In addition to GfK, companies and organizations represented on the panel include Facebook, ESPN, MLB Advanced Media, Ernst & Young, LinkedIn, the ARF, BlueKai, and Magna Global.

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“There is no bigger issue on the table for brands than how they will leverage big data,” Kahlert observed. “Approaches that miss crucial insights or are too slow in providing the needed analysis will increasingly lead to failed products and companies. To convert this ever increasing volume of available data into actionable insights in a timely manner is a challenge for all parties involved, from marketers to researchers to technology providers.”

Mr. Kahlert has been instrumental in growing startup companies in the Online Media technology field since 1997. In 2008 he joined Dimestore (now a part of GfK DMI) as Vice President of Product and Operations and led the development and market introduction of its real- time campaign effectiveness measurement and optimization solution.

Earlier, Kahlert was Vice President at Right Media, building the client services and training teams and establishing the company's international presence. Between 1999 and 2005, Kahlert was one of the initial executives at InsightExpress, responsible for developing an online respondent recruitment methodology – for which he received a patent – and building a custom panel practice that grew to more than 15 custom panels in the first year alone.

For more information on Digital Market Intelligence, contact Kahlert at or (646) 742-5328.

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