CityTwist Unveils ProspectPro at DMA 2012

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CityTwist is set to unveil its fully automated SMB advertising service ProspectPro at the DMA 2012 Conference and Exhibition, October 13th though the 18th. Located in booth # 259, CityTwist views DMA 2012 as the perfect springboard to raise awareness to ProspectPro, a revolutionary email advertising service that is already receiving accolades from current customers. With nearly 10,000 marketing professionals gathered at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, CityTwist is truly excited to showcase its latest industry changing product advancement.

"For less than a cup of coffee a day, ProspectPro drives new customers into local brick and mortar businesses," said Ken Schwartz, CityTwist's CEO. "ProspectPro is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses that draw from their own neighborhood for their customer base. It's what small local businesses need to grow with little to no marketing budget or knowledge," added Schwartz.

Currently there is no single product like ProspectPro in the marketplace. ProspectPro draws upon CityTwist's proven delivery technology, and 125 million consumer record opt-in database, representing 1/3rd of all households in the United States. CityTwist invites all DMA attendees to stop by booth #259 to get a quick demonstration of ProspectPro.

About CityTwist:

CityTwist is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. CityTwist provides acquisition email advertising services that deliver measurable value and return on investment. Inherent in these uniquely effective services is CityTwist's ability to consistently deliver email advertisements to finite consumer populations, including Zip Code level geographic targeting. By successfully bridging the gap between postal and digital, CityTwist has effectively brought direct mail to the internet and enabled acquisition email advertising to reach its fullest potential.

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