SymphonyIRI’s Larry Levin to Highlight Effective Strategies for Connecting with Shoppers at 2012 California Grocers Association Strategic Conference

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Larry Levin - Executive Vice President, General Manager, Consumer & Shopper Insights, SymphonyIRI Group, Inc.


Shoppers remain extremely cautious about their purchases, and to understand their behaviors, SymphonyIRI has studied and segmented shoppers by their attitudes and preferences. For manufacturers and retailers to succeed, decision-makers must craft their definitions of value to appeal to one or more of these segments.

Levin will lead a session at the 2012 CGA Strategic Conference, entitled “Connecting with Shoppers in a New Economic Age.” He will begin by identifying the essential knowledge manufacturers and retailers must have to effectively motivate shoppers. This includes gaining a detailed understanding of people’s behavior and influences as they prepare for shopping, gaining insight into how consumers become shoppers and the influences that drive that conversion, and, finally, how to execute shopper activation programs that directly communicate and engage shoppers.

He will then describe and bring to life the six shoppers segments SymphonyIRI has identified, including groups such as the “downtrodden,” who make up 18 percent of shoppers, with a median age of 48 and median annual income of $41,000; and the “start-ups,” who represent 11 percent of shoppers with a media age of 36 and median income of $47,000.
Levin’s session will also compare and contrast attitudes and behaviors among shoppers nationally and within California.


The shopping landscape is continuing to evolve, and shoppers continue to struggle balancing their needs and their wallets. Shoppers are also coming to stores better prepared than ever to meet their families’ needs as cost effectively as possible. Today, some shoppers spend as much as an hour getting ready to maximize their deals. Understanding how to appeal to everyday needs and wants is critical to maximizing success, whether it's through an everyday low price (EDLP) strategy or targeted efforts.


Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012, 8-9 a.m. PDT


2012 California Grocers Association Strategic Conference
Renaissance Palm Springs Resort,
Palm Springs, CA

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