Southern Wine & Spirits of Washington Announces the Opening of Direct Warehouse Sales Stores for the Convenience of its Trade Customers in Seattle and Spokane

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- John Klein, Executive Vice President–General Manager of Southern Wine & Spirits of America’s seven Pacific Northwest markets—all divisions of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. (Southern), the country’s leading wine and spirits distributor—announced today that Southern Wine & Spirits of Washington (SWS-WA) will be strengthening its industry-leading services to its customers and supplier partners with the opening of two Direct Warehouse Stores (DWS) in the coming weeks in Seattle and Spokane.

Klein commented, “Southern’s Direct Warehouse Stores will enable our licensed retail customers to buy directly from convenient SWS-WA wholesale stores in Seattle and Spokane—providing a convenience for our trade customers, offering them all of the discounts of DSD delivery and avoiding broken-case fees that can be associated with smaller orders. As the largest distributor in Washington, we are committed to creating an opportunity for our local customers to have access to our industry leading portfolio of brands at their convenience. These stores will provide the opportunity for our licensed customers to take full-advantage of all trade discounts without having to worry about any minimums or pre-arranged delivery schedules.”

Southern’s Executive Vice President–General Manager Brad Vassar added, "The opening of two new DWS locations in Washington reaffirms our strong commitment to this newly-privatized market while providing great value and convenience to our local trade customers. I am confident that these stores in Washington will be well received by our customers and achieve a level of success similar to our other 21 DWS locations around the country, including 13 in California—where we sold approximately 3.5 million bottles in 2011 to over 4,000 customers.”

The 3,000 square-foot store in Seattle is located at 4143 1st Avenue South and is scheduled to open on October 5th. The 2,500 square-foot store in Spokane will be located at 16005 East Euclid Avenue and is scheduled to open at the end of October. Upon their official opening, both locations will operate from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and Saturdays from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

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