Hardware.com: All is Not Lost for Customers of Cisco Catalyst 6500 Non-E Series Nearing End-of-Life

Hardware.com offers alternative solution to expensive Cisco upgrade for end-of-life chassis support

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Beginning November 30, 2012, Cisco will no longer support a number of its Catalyst 6500 non-E chassis, including the 6503, 6506, and 6509 models, under its current SMARTnet support program. This event will require organizations across the globe to migrate to a costly new Cisco platform, extend their support with Cisco under a new program at more than an 80 percent cost increase, or do nothing and risk an unsupported estate. To help organizations avoid expensive network upgrades or incur additional support costs, Hardware.com will offer end-of-life (EOL) support for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 non-E chassis through its Smartpac® Support program for the same as organizations are paying now.

“One of the main reasons why hardware vendors create end-of-life notices is to drive sales of their new technologies,” said Richard Johnson, Operations Director of Smartpac® Support and Repair, a service division of Hardware.com. “Operationally, there is nothing wrong with the Catalyst 6500 non-E chassis. The upgrade of a company’s network should be driven by the needs of the business rather than the vendor, as an upgrade to the core requires a considerable amount of resources, planning, and capital investment. We can help organizations extend the life of their equipment with no change in budget and no disruption to the business by maintaining their investment.”

Currently supporting customer networks in more than 20 countries, Smartpac® Repair and Support is a channel-only support service offered by Hardware.com. Providing a wide range of technical support services, including product repair and hardware maintenance, Smartpac® includes everything from next business day replacement to 4-hour, 24/7 onsite engineering support. Through two state-of-the-art repair facilities—one located in the U.S. and one in the U.K.—the company’s skilled engineers are able to quickly and efficiently analyze, test, and repair equipment from a variety of networking vendors. In addition, customers of the service have the ability to combine all locations, service level agreements (SLAs), terms, and type of equipment (current or EOL) into one contract for added convenience and support continuity.

“Our goal is to return the choice back to Cisco’s customers as to when, how, and where they upgrade their networks, rather than letting the vendor drive the agenda,” said Johnson. “By continuing their support service with a hardware provider experienced in Cisco equipment, IT leaders can extend their asset investment and avoid tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs.”

For more information about Hardware.com and Smartpac®, visit http://us.hardware.com.

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