ORLive Event Demonstrates Managing Blood Loss in Thoracic Surgery

FARMINGTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ORLive, BroadcastMed’s premier surgical broadcasting website, is highlighting a thoracic surgical event brought to medical professionals by Medtronic, Inc. Dr. Rodney Landreneau from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center shares his perspective on the use of the Aquamantys® System to control bleeding during thoracic surgery. Dr. Landreneau will demonstrate the use of Medtronic Advanced Energy's Transcollation technology in both a chest wall resection and a VATS lobectomy. Interested viewers are encouraged to pre-register for this live event and are invited to e-mail questions about the procedures to Dr. Landreneau during the webcast.

You can watch “Managing Blood Loss in Thoracic Surgery: Achieving Hemostasis During Chest Wall Resection and VATS Lobectomy using the Aquamantys® System”, Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00pm ET.

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