Stop Hunger Now Commemorates World Hunger Action Month

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Stop Hunger Now is proud to be leading the second annual World Hunger Action Month this October, in honor of World Food Day which is commemorated annually on October 16th. World Hunger Action Month is a chance to raise awareness around hunger and empower the community to join Stop Hunger Now in their mission to create a world without hunger. Stop Hunger Now aims to actively engage and empower everyone by providing them the opportunity to make a difference through volunteering, advocacy, or donating on behalf of the world's hungry.

In 2011, thousands of volunteers around the world packaged more than 2.3 million Stop Hunger Now meals during World Hunger Action Month. This year, Stop Hunger Now volunteers from 8 states and internationally will package meals in the month of October for a projected goal of 2.5 million meals at over 50 events. Italy will celebrate its first meal packaging event, and there is continued growth in Stop Hunger Now's location in South Africa.

World Hunger Action Month means additional action by Stop Hunger Now, as they meet another exciting milestone by opening a new meal packaging facility in Malaysia in October. This new location will empower thousands of volunteers to package meals and join the movement to end hunger in our lifetime.

Stop Hunger Now sees World Hunger Action Month as the perfect motivation to energize the volunteer community to take action, "be a hero," and make an impact. World Hunger Action Month is the time to organize a packaging event for the upcoming months. October is also the time to arm supporters with facts about hunger and advocate on behalf of organizations like Stop Hunger Now, and those who are served by Stop Hunger Now meals. World Hunger Action Month creates the platform to motivate the community to make a difference in a life, by raising funds or making in-kind donations to the food-insecure of the world, changing their future, today.

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