"Devil's Cove" haunting Kickstarter this October!

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Anarchy Enterprises conjures up their new adventure game "Devil's Cove" and invites players to join the development by supporting it through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The project is live now and ends October 31st - Halloween Night - under the full moon when devils and monsters are roaming the streets!

Check it out!

Devil's Cove is an old school, classic point-and-click adventure for the PC, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android. The game centers around a sinister Plague Doctor who is wreaking havoc in a cursed harbor town. Players will return to the golden days of adventure gaming as they uncover ghastly horrors and even contribute their own diabolical ideas to the gameplay.

By making a pledge through Kickstarter, players receive the finished game (for ALL platforms!), and get to be a part of the development process. Players will get to help shape the game by playing beta versions and giving direct feedback. They also get a backstage pass to see how Anarchy Enterprises makes games.

For only $15, players get a digital copy of the game along with lots of bonus materials and behind-the-scenes access to the development process. Additional rewards are available at higher tiers that include a bounty of swag - unique game props, signed original game art, limited edition game collectibles, listings in the game credits, and the opportunity to become an actual character in the game!

"Anarchy Enterprises has always been a small, indie studio," said Alex Jamieson of Anarchy Enterprises. "We've always wanted to be directly connected with the players, and now we have a tremendous opportunity via Kickstarter to make that happen!"

"The new golden age of adventure games is upon us. Adventure games like Double Fine and Broken Sword kicked the door down, and revealed that players are hungry for the kinds of games that us developers have been dying to make again, but that publishers didn't want to take a chance on. Now we're ripping the doors off our walls and welcoming the players into our development process. The making of Devil's Cove will be an amazing experience for everyone involved and we hope that you will join us!"

Check out the "Devil's Cove" Kickstarter project here:

SOURCE Anarchy Enterprises