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· Home Appraisals

· All Groups Can Learn from Boy Scouts Scandal

· Falling Financial Fortunes

· Delays Test American Airlines' Flier Loyalty

· New Ways to Make Job Connections in a Tough Job Market

· Tips for Beating the Interview Jitters

· How to Cope With Long-Term Job Loss

· How Job Seekers Can Tackle Behavioral-Based Interviewing


· Reporter – Washington, D.C.

· Breaking News Staffer - Atlanta

· Reporter – Wabash, Ind.


· New York Times Bans Quote Approvals

· Media News Highlight

· Upcoming Media Events

· Grammar Hammer: Abbreviating Months



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Home Appraisals
Chip Poli
Poli Mortgage
"The home appraisal is a comprehensive, written report and a required component of almost all mortgage transactions completed by a professionally licensed and trained appraiser. Home appraisals are done because the market value of your home and property change over time. An appraisal provides a lender with the most current market value of your home, based on comparable homes in your neighborhood at the time of your purchase or refinance. Your home's market value is what your home is truly worth. The purchase price can vary up or down from the true market value."
News Contact: Faith Mayer,

All Groups Can Learn from Boy Scouts Scandal
Bill Chamblee
Trial Lawyer
Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson
"Any organization can learn from the sexual abuse scandal that has shaken the Boy Scouts of America, which faces the real possibility of extensive litigation now that an Oregon court has ordered the group to release reports of sexual abuse at the hands of troop leaders going back to 1925. Any organization, especially those that deal with the mentoring or supervising of children, needs to conduct thorough background checks on individuals before putting them in positions of trust. If there are reports of abuse, organizations must act swiftly, not just to protect themselves, but also to prevent further abuse. As we've learned from the Catholic Church, any attempt to hide wrongdoing can make an organization a party to abuse."
News Contact: Dave Moore, or

Falling Financial Fortunes
Frances Smith
Bankruptcy Attorney
Shackelford, Melton & McKinley
"The financial difficulties faced by former NFL standout Vince Young should serve as a cautionary tale of how cash windfalls can lead to ruin if recipients don't play it smart. Media reports indicate that Young is virtually penniless only six years after the Tennessee Titans awarded him a $26 million contract to be the team's starting quarterback. Great wealth is a tremendous magnet for scam artists, pie-in-the-sky schemes and a carefree financial attitude, and worst of all, a sudden influx of wealth also allows individuals to accumulate massive debt just as quickly. Individuals must pay extremely close attention to the details of their finances after receiving such windfalls or risk losing everything."
News Contact: Dave Moore, or

Delays Test American Airlines' Flier Loyalty
Linda LaRue
Bankruptcy Attorney
Quilling Selander Lownds Winslett & Moser PC
"Few thought that the bankruptcy process would test the loyalty of American Airlines' customers, but that might now be happening. American recently accused its pilot union of causing unnecessary flight delays and cancellations as retaliation after the pilots lost a fight in bankruptcy court to preserve many terms of their labor contract. The airline and the union may argue over the facts underlying the delays and cancellations, but one undeniable point is that the continued loyalty of the customer base is necessary in order for the airline to survive. It doesn't matter what side the public blames for its inconvenience. The issue is whether passengers will take their business elsewhere and, if so, for how long."
News Contact: Dave Moore,

New Ways to Make Job Connections in a Tough Job Market
Chasity Trzop
Director of Career Services
Brown Mackie College – Louisville
"For anyone feeling stalled in their job search, a few simple steps could put the wind back in their sails. The computer is a passive job search. You are one of a thousand online, with about a 10 percent chance of getting an interview if you have done nothing face-to-face with the company. You must get out and interact with people -- join professional associations, volunteer, use social media to your advantage."
Trzop is available to discuss the need for job seekers stalled in their job search to seek new ways to make job connections in a tough job market. She can also speak to how job seekers can face and tackle behavioral-based interviewing to help them reach status as a top candidate for employers.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean,

Tips for Beating the Interview Jitters
Brenda K. Raye
Director of Career Services
Brown Mackie College - North Canton
"Most of us have been there, nervously anticipating an upcoming job interview, and when we're nervous, our body language tends to give us away. When first impressions are everything in a tough job market, beating the interview jitters is critical for interviewing success. Candidates who are calm, cool, and collected stand a better chance of making it to the next round of interviews or even receiving a job offer."
Raye is able to speak about strategies job seekers can use to make sure they approach an interview with the tools they need to be successful.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean,

How to Cope With Long-Term Job Loss
Brian Riedesel
Associate Professor
Argosy University, Seattle
"The American worker has been taken on a rollercoaster ride over the course of the last few years that has left many in a tailspin when it comes to their emotional health and their jobs. An unusually high unemployment rate for a prolonged period of time means that twice as many people are dealing with being unemployed. There's no lifetime job stability anymore. Losing your job can mean losing your identity. The longer that period of unemployment lasts, the more prolonged negative impact it can have on your emotional health."
Dr. Riedesel is able to discuss the mental health effects of long-term job loss and how the unemployed can cope with these issues.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean,

How Job Seekers Can Tackle Behavioral-Based Interviewing
Jason Keller
Director of Career Services
Brown Mackie College - Indianapolis
"When searching for employment in today's highly competitive job market, the process often seems like one hurdle after another. Interviews today are much different than they were in the past. The processes of human resources have evolved to include a different type of question: the behavioral question. Knowing how to answer these can make all the difference in landing that new job."
A 16-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Keller is available to discuss how job seekers can face and tackle behavioral-based interviewing to help them reach status as a top candidate for employers.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean,



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