Join the NERDS Unite! Anti-Bullying Movement and Help Spread the Awareness about Why It’s Cool to Be a Nerd and End Bullying

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WHO: NERDS® in partnership with STOMP Out Bullying

WHAT: Did you know that bullying is the common form of violence in schools today?

In support of national Bullying Prevention Awareness month, NERDS and STOMP Out bullying have polled teens and young adults about their experience with being bullied or bullying others. In an effort to promote individuality and celebrate unique interests and hobbies among teens, NERDS asked them what they’re “nerdy” about.

This past summer, WONKA asked its fans to become a part of the 10,000 people to join the NERDS Unite! NERDS exceeded this goal and due to the popular success of this movement were able to donate $25,000 towards STOMP Out Bullying to promote awareness of anti-bullying. Wilmer Valderrama, Nick Cannon and JoJo have already joined this important cause and shared what they’re “nerdy” about.

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