CoPatient Launches Online Platform to Audit & Appeal Medical Bills on Behalf of Patients

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CoPatient ( today announced the launch of its new web platform to help consumers identify and resolve medical billing errors and overcharges. Consumers are facing increasing healthcare expenses with few resources or tools to help them understand if they've been billed fairly and accurately. CoPatient's secure web site allows a person to quickly submit their bills and insurance documents, receive a free medical bill audit identifying any savings opportunities, and have an expert medical billing advocate pursue those savings on their behalf. They pay only if their advocate successfully reduces their bills.

In addition to its online platform, CoPatient also accepts medical billing information via email, mail or mobile phone. CoPatient uses a proprietary blend of technology and expert services to deliver their free audit and bill reduction services. Individuals can create a free account to track and manage healthcare expenses for their entire family with dedicated experts that are ready to help whenever needed.

"CoPatient is focused on helping consumers manage their healthcare expenses with a trusted ally by their side," said Katie Vahle, Co-founder of CoPatient. "Leveraging technology as well as expert assistance provides CoPatient with a unique opportunity to help families across the country by establishing a secure, results-oriented destination for individuals struggling to manage confusing and growing medical bills."

1/3 of Americans have spent time disputing a medical bill or dealing with an insurance denial in the last year, and over 2/3 of personal bankruptcies are associated with medical debt. Many of those facing medical debt are also trying to manage full time jobs and responsibilities so they need solutions that not only identify the problem, but act as their advocate in solving the problem. CoPatient is unique in providing access to a diverse, knowledgeable network of medical billing advocates that are willing to step in and help when needed. "In nearly 75% of the cases we've handled, we've reduced the individual's out of pocket expense," according to Rebecca Palm, Co-founder of CoPatient.

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Rebecca Palm

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