U.S. Government Official Green Card Lottery program begins today. 55,000 Winners Selected to Live & Work in the USA

RENO, Nev., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- USAgreencardlottery.org announces the start of the U.S. 2014 DV Lottery (also known as the Green Card Lottery) program. Applicants must hurry over to the website to not miss out on the opportunity for their chance to win a Green Card!

The multi-language website simplifies the process and makes sure applicants meet the requirements and submit entries without mistakes. Be aware that the entries submitted with mistakes will automatically be disqualified. The U.S. Government will only accept applications for a limited time, a 30-day period so do not delay.

Every year, the United States Government allocates 55,000 Green Cards for people all over the world. The family-based visa can only be attained through sponsorship from a U.S. citizen family member, while the employment-based visa, only through a U.S. citizen employer.

The problem with those two options is that the process can be lengthy and complicated. The Green Card Lottery is a perfect option for everyone, even those eligible for family- or employment-based visas, because it is a direct path to a Green Card.

USAgreencardlottery.org is a multi-language online service designed to ensure its customers present error-free entries to the U.S. Green Card Lottery every year. Applicants can also easily track the status of their entry. For more information, visit www.usagreencardlottery.org

SOURCE USAgreencardlottery.org