Here Come the Certified Crowdfund Advisors

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the National Crowdfunding Association (NLCFA) announced the launch of its Certified Crowdfund Advisor (CCA) certification several months ahead of schedule. The CCA certification will identify the holder as being an expert in crowdfunding and thus professionally able to help everyone from small business owners to investors regarding how to participate in crowdfunding. It is anticipated that CCAs will gradually begin charging for their crowdfunding services.


"We have been inundated with requests, so we found a way to get it started now," said Wesley Warnke, Vice-Chair of the CCA Committee for the Association. The NLCFA will commence by administering a CCA Exam, requiring a score of 400 out of 600 for the granting of the CCA certification. Continuing education requirements won't get underway until 2013.

"It is important that there are people coast to coast in America who know crowdfunding."

"Over the next several months, and years," said David Marlett, Executive Director of the NLCFA, "the exam will get much harder and the licensing requirements will get tougher." The association determined this to be a good time to soft-launch the certification, while the industry awaits the SEC's promulgation of proposed regulations for equity crowdfunding under the JOBS Act.

Currently the exam and certification are free, but the association anticipates a modest fee for both starting in 2013. "We want to make it relatively easy for anyone to get their CCA," said Warnke. "It is important that there are people coast to coast in America who know crowdfunding. They need to be able to speak about it professionally at their local Rotary lunch or other gathering, and be truly effective in helping their community utilize this amazing new tool."

Marlett, himself an attorney and CPA, said, "The CCA should be a great addition for any local CFP and CPA. It is value-added, and it costs nothing, other than taking the time to learn what is happening in crowdfunding." The NLCFA is expecting to see many sign-up soon.

The Certified Crowdfund Advisor certification and procedures are also expected to be centerpieces in the "industry best practices" to be established by the NLCFA's Best Practices committee over the next several months. "It all works together," said Warnke.

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