Adigami Launches Evolutionary Data Integration Technology for Budget Conscious Digital Marketers, Providing Lean, Efficient Cross-Channel Reporting

Within Hours, Digital Marketers Can Create Cross-Channel Analytics Reports Via Adigami’s ‘Fast Data’ Cloud-Based Technology



  • Adigami, a provider of affordable data integration tools for digital marketers, today announced the launch of its ‘Fast Data’ solution for integrating and reporting on cross-channel data via a universal API [Application Programming Interface].
  • The Adigami solution offers an alternative to the expensive, complex, and usually time-consuming tools available in the marketplace, providing digital marketers a means of integrating data and creating reports in as little as a day’s time!
  • Costing only a fraction of what other analytics solutions are priced at, Adigami is a cloud-based service that enables fast setup using its API connectors with top search engines, ad servers, bid management systems, and social media networks.


  • With Adigami, digital marketers avoid the headaches of manually collecting and integrating cross-channel data, or the pains of using tools that are overly difficult and too costly.
  • Adigami’s simple and uniform API for digital media analytics allows marketers to pull in data and create reports that exactly fit their needs, and share the results that day!
  • Adigami has partnered with best-in-class dashboarding services such as Geckoboard to provide marketers with insightful business intelligence [BI] in exactly the way clients and executives want.
  • Excel remains the de-facto format in analytics and business intelligence. Adigami’s extensive solution can also provide marketers with custom-made Excel reports on a daily basis.


  • “We developed Adigami’s data integration and reporting technology after seeing digital marketers painfully struggling with costly, impossible-to-use analytics platforms. We wanted to give marketers an affordable, elegantly simple means of looking at cross-channel data,” said Cyrus Ghalambor, founder of Adigami.
  • “Adigami’s unique API integration service enables our clients to quickly integrate with the APIs of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others,” said Charity Huff, CEO, TruMeasure, which enables collection of customer engagement data for print, online and mobile media.
  • “When evaluating the effectiveness of marketing spend, timeliness is critical. Our solution costs only a fraction of what other integrators charge, and marketers get results in a fraction of the time,” said Ghalambor.

About Adigami
Adigami is a data integration and visualization company specializing in digital media analytics. We make it easy for companies to retrieve analytics data from many different data sources and provide them with custom dashboards. In addition, our simple and uniform API allows clients direct access to their entire data stream. For more information, visit the company websites at, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Source: Adigami