Chiliad Removes the Big Data Consolidation Obstacle for Government and Healthcare With Discovery/Alert 7.0

Customers can now discover knowledge across multiple data sources with minimum training and expense

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Chiliad Inc. today announced Discovery/Alert 7.0, a solution for Iterative Discovery of critical information across any type of content at the biggest of Big Data scale. Discovery/Alert 7.0 eliminates the need for data consolidation projects, a critical barrier in government and healthcare markets where sensitive data is growing rapidly across hundreds of different locations, making consolidation cost prohibitive or impossible.

The software analytics suite enables any end user to intuitively discover knowledge across data sources, all while meeting privacy and security requirements. Tens of thousands of end users, such as government analysts and clinicians, can now make life-saving discoveries without specialized training in analytics and data science.

“Government intelligence analysts and healthcare professionals share similar pressures to acquire timely and accurate information to make critical decisions,” said Craig Norris, Chiliad CEO. “Only Chiliad provides an affordable solution that allows people to easily investigate their hypotheses, without worrying about where the data is located, how much data there is, whether it is structured or unstructured, without needing to copy, replicate or transform it."

“The reality is that at big data scale you will never be able to put all critical information into a single location,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst, the Enderle Group. “Solutions like Chiliad enable customers to work with their existing ecosystem through virtual consolidation, which substantially reduces the time and cost associated with deploying, maintaining and scaling big data projects.”

Product Features and Benefits

Chiliad Discovery/Alert 7.0 enables customers to extract actionable meaning by allowing them to reach, find, analyze and monitor data of any kind wherever it is. Key capabilities include:

  • Reach It. Discovery and Data Analysis Across Multiple Locations.
    Discovery/Alert eliminates the need for costly data consolidation efforts by installing nodes at each original data location. These nodes collaborate to create a virtual consolidated data center allowing customers to query structured and unstructured data simultaneously, as if all data resources were in a single repository.
  • Find It. Global Ranking Across All Sources at Big Data Scale.
    Discovery/Alert enables users to find relevant information in massive data collections—from billions to trillions of records—with a distributed architecture that guarantees high performance and accuracy at any scale. Each Discovery/Alert node compares findings across all sources to produce a single, highly relevant and accurate global ranking without performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyze It. Easily Discover Knowledge Without Specialized Training.
    With an intuitive web-based user interface built on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, Discovery/Alert can be used on any compatible internet-connected device. Users can query data using conversational language while a host of built-in visualization tools help users find more relevant information and uncover new relationships between concepts, all with little to no training required.
  • Monitor it. Keep Up to Date as Information Changes.
    As new data is added or existing data modified, Discovery/Alert evaluates any changes based on the original query and can alert users.

Security, Privacy, and Efficiency

Discovery/Alert 7.0 has advanced security and privacy capabilities critical to government and healthcare compliance requirements. Discovery/Alert 7.0 supports role-based security permissions at the document and collection level while integrating with other secure authentication systems, such as Kerberos and others.

With support for single sign-on and simultaneous access across data sources, Discovery/Alert 7.0 dramatically increases efficiency for end users. IT administrators benefit from advanced tools that simplify day-to-day administration, reducing typical tasks by as much as 80%.

Chiliad Discovery/Alert 7.0 is scheduled to be available in Fall, 2012.

About Chiliad

Chiliad is the leader in Big Data analysis across clouds, organizations, and other data silos. Chiliad Discovery/Alert™ enables organizations to securely reach, find, analyze and continuously monitor big data—whether structured or unstructured, classified or unclassified. Chiliad supports iterative discovery on any information, anywhere.

Thousands of analysts use Chiliad to find meaning among vast information collections to drive more effective actions. With Chiliad, analysis and discovery within the biggest of Big Data can actually save time and money. Because we can reach data in any location, you can stop worrying about moving or transforming your data. Consolidation is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. At the same time, you can stop worrying about the training and administrative support required by your analysts by empowering them with a flexible query tool capable of delivering the most relevant results using natural, conversational queries.

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