Bold New Player Launches in Nonprofit CRM Market Led by 30-Year Industry Veteran Jay Love

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- There's an exciting new entrant to the nonprofit fundraising software market providing a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Bloomerang, led by former eTapestry founder and current Avectra Senior Vice President Jay Love, is launching its online management system to help small- and mid-size nonprofits reach, engage and most importantly, retain the commitment of the people who share their vision.

"Bloomerang is a revolutionary product focused on donor retention and loyalty, the lifeblood of any smaller nonprofit," Love said. "The scariest metric in this sector is that far too many nonprofits average a 60 percent or less donor retention rate year over year. Bloomerang is designed to address this problem."

Bloomerang offers exciting features, including:

  • A unique, friendly interface designed not by a programmer, but by a graphic artist, to mirror what people like on the Web; no more multiple rows of tabs.
  • It's designed to integrate easily with existing applications via a free API.
  • Unlimited User pricing.
  • It incorporates the concepts of Building Donor Loyalty, the definitive guide to donor retention and loyalty, written by Bloomerang advisor Dr. Adrian Sargeant.

In a special arrangement, Avectra will be the marketing partner and world-wide reseller of Bloomerang while Jay Love continues to lead the nonprofit practice of Avectra, the leader in association and nonprofit social constituent relationship management (CRM) software. Bloomerang will directly serve smaller nonprofits and share leads with Avectra who will sell to the mid-market. Larger non-profits, seeking the flexibility and strength typically associated with enterprise software, will be served by Avectra's Social CRM Enterprise. Avectra's family of products is in use by more than 1,400 organizations daily and like Bloomerang is built upon Microsoft.Net technology.

"Jay Love has a proven track record of delivering software to meet the diverse needs of the non-profit community," said Richard Davis, chairman and CEO of Avectra. "In light of recent market consolidation, I anticipate today's announcement will be welcomed by hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations who feel stuck with the lack of viable solutions to help them build donor loyalty and achieve fundraising success. Avectra is excited to partner with Bloomerang to provide yet another fresh innovative solution to the non-profit community."

"Bloomerang injects donor retention expertise and an exciting new ease-of-use interface for smaller nonprofits that are looking for an intuitive solution to improve donor engagement," Love said. "My experience in working with over 10,000 charities crystallizes the sad truth that many fundraising systems are only being utilized at fraction of their capabilities due to complexity involved. Bloomerang is so intuitive we will offer every potential customer a free 60-day trial, so they can truly experience the difference. We want every small- to mid-size charity possible to experience this new breed of nonprofit CRM!"

As part of its launch, Bloomerang is looking for the first qualified 50 nonprofits – one from each state – to beta test the software for FREE. Interested parties can visit\beta to learn more and to register for this offer.

Bloomerang is headquartered in Indianapolis and counts Chief Technology Officer Rob Signorelli among its employees. Signorelli is formerly of eTapestry and most recently Fifth Gear.

"Being able to invest in a new business led by a proven leader, which is intentionally not being built to sell to the highest bidder, but to generate long term dividends, exemplary customer service and employment for our region was critical to me," said Todd Katz, former CEO at Bell-Horn and a Bloomerang investor.

Contact: Jay Love

SOURCE Bloomerang