Dodilio: A Social Network For The Professional Investment Community To Access Custom Research, Launched Oct. 1

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dodilio, the first global network allowing investment professionals to generate, consume, and collaboratively develop customized research products and services on demand, announced that its site,, has gone live.

Dodilio is a virtual auction platform that instantly matches research producers with research consumers. This market bridges the existing push-pull research delivery gap, allowing pre-qualified members to create and share better information and optimize investment decisions.

The Dodilio network serves the needs of the four primary stakeholders in the broader investment community:

  • Investors overloaded with low- (or no-) value research -- often standardized information repackaged by dozens of different sources -- compromising investors' ability to access the best research and wasting their time and money.

Solution: Dodilio allows investors to quickly and efficiently access the specific information they need, on select social networks and forums that will help them satisfy their investment objectives, improving the quality of research received.

  • Research providers finding it increasingly difficult to identify timely, value-added topics of research, as well as to identify and target customers willing to pay for their expertise and services.

Solution: Dodilio helps research providers better monetize their knowledge and time by identifying potential clients that are willing to pay for specific types of research.

  • Investor relations professionals finding it difficult to satisfy ongoing demands for lead generation in the professional investment community and the facilitating of high-quality corporate access events, while maintaining corporate transparency.

Solution: Dodilio helps investor relations professionals identify key influencers of their client's stock, and facilitates higher quality research.

  • Professional service providers such as lawyers, doctors and scientists needing an independent and efficient channel of access to distribute expertise to the investment community.

Solution: Dodilio's lead generation tool helps these professionals monetize their expertise with clients that are willing to pay.

Upon logging onto Dodilio, users are directed to a dashboard that allows them to filter noise from the broader social networks and focus on only investment-worthy posts as well as relevant interactions that occur over the Dodilio platform. At the heart of Dodilio is an auction exchange where users can request custom research, such as a tour to visit Chinese coal companies. Dodilio's auction exchange will identify the optimal provider(s) to conduct this research for you.

In addition, Dodilio is the only median of distribution that enables consumers of custom research to remain anonymous.

"The traditional sell-side research market has been in secular decline for over a decade," said Dodilio founder, Peter Wright. "Two segments in the research market, however, have continued to grow over the past decade – corporate access services and custom research – the two major niches on which we intend to focus."

Dodilio is led by a highly experienced management team, including:

Peter Wright, Founder. A top-rated analyst at both Fidelity (buy-side) and CIBC (sell-side). A Director of Research at Tradition, where he managed the company's research and research sales department.
Robert McDermott, President of Enterprise Sales. Twenty-five years experience selling document solutions; founder of $20M+ document solutions business, and top salesman at Xerox.
David Parrella, Chief Technology Officer. Twenty-five years multi-national experience in IT strategy, systems architecture and project management. Led successful IPO of Proteon, a high-tech networking company; a founding member of Benchmarking Partners.
John Schneller, Chief Operational Officer. Twenty years in various investment capacities: research, fund management, investment banking, as well as multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

In addition, Dodilio has a seasoned Board of Advisors including:

Kevin Carroll, Founder of Pulse Trading
Jeff Forbes, Director of Research at State Street Global Markets
Paul Jackson, Former Fidelity Global Technology Money Manager
Mike McCarthy, Director, National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), Boston Chapter
Marc Paley, Former Head of Global Equities at Lehman Brothers
Paul Scura, Former Head of Investment Banking at Prudential Securities

Dodilio is a subscription-based model designed solely for professional participants in the research market. Dodilio is not a direct toll-taker and no research transaction costs occur on the Dodilio site.

To watch a 90 SECOND VIDEO OVERVIEW of Dodilio, please visit our website and click Watch Video. For information on becoming a Dodilio member, please email or call 855-DODILIO (855-363-4546).

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