GridPoint Releases Industry Tailored Intelligent Solutions

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- GridPoint, Inc., an established leader in smart energy solutions, today announced its SaaS-based network management platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, has been enhanced to include industry tailored software algorithms for retail, restaurant, grocery, pharmacy, and convenience store market sectors.


Each solution includes a mix of hardware, software, and services, designed to maximize energy and operational savings for that industry's unique needs. The system upgrades are intended to reflect the best practices gleaned by the GridPoint team in deploying energy management systems at over 9,500 sites across North America and the UK, and revolve around algorithms designed to fill market specific needs. These software features enable customers to address specialized industry challenges such as: load curtailment and demand management, intelligent zone comfort, temperature recovery, and motor protection features, which are critical to addressing power quality problems.

"There is no 'one size fits all' solution. We have worked hand-in-hand with customers in a variety of market segments to understand their energy challenges and have shaped our current solution offerings to deliver the most effective energy management tools on the market today," said GridPoint CEO John Spirtos. "Customers want to know that a solution is built to address their specific market needs. Our solutions are designed to meet those needs and allow customers to make smarter energy decisions, ultimately boosting savings and operational insight."

GridPoint Energy Manager provides a world class combination of data-driven alarms, reports, and control capabilities, as well as advanced control algorithms for unprecedented energy management capabilities and ease of use. GridPoint's energy management solutions provide detailed visibility and centralized management of facility energy operations and have a track record of delivering an 18-24 month return on investment per site. In addition, our solutions are designed to easily integrate with existing energy and building management platforms to best leverage existing investments.

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GridPoint is an established leader in smart energy solutions, providing Fortune 1000 enterprises, government agencies and utilities with the tools to implement and maintain sustainable energy management practices that improve operational efficiency and maximize energy savings. Founded in 2003, GridPoint is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices in Austin, Texas, Roanoke, Virginia, Seattle, Washington, and Ottawa, Ontario. For more information, visit

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