EnergyLogic Introduces the SmartStat, the First-Ever Intelligent Device for Fuel Saving Programmability, Maintenance Tracking and Troubleshooting

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- EnergyLogic systems are all about simplicity of ownership. From the design to the materials to the construction, every decision is made to ensure trouble-free ownership and a long product life. So it comes as no surprise that EnergyLogic continues its history of innovation with the introduction of system intelligence to make waste oil heating even easier by providing seven-day programmability and simple troubleshooting, even conserving the customer’s used oil supply.

New in September, EnergyLogic introduced the SmartStat™ (patent pending), a programmable thermostat that includes system diagnostics. The SmartStat is waste oil heating’s only seven-day programmable thermostat with total system monitoring, fuel conservation and intelligence. It is the only device that eliminates guesswork and helps avoid nuisance shutdowns by providing feedback when an operating condition affects furnace performance.

The SmartStat monitors system conditions and indicates with colored LED lights and on-screen messages before a problem occurs, even shutting down the system if a problem accelerates before it is addressed. Its programmability allows temperatures to be set up to seven days, or any other variation. This means desired temperatures are met at all times and that used oil is burned efficiently.

“Through more than 25 years of direct contact with our end users, we have identified that very rarely is a customer’s problem a system failure but the result of a condition such as low fuel or lack of maintenance that escalated into a problem,” said Robert F. Stevens, president and CEO of EnergyLogic. “By providing predictive maintenance, system diagnostics and monitoring fuel levels, the SmartStat prevents normal operating conditions from escalating into problems. And, its programmability means the system only runs when needed, conserving used oil.”

SmartStat Features

  • Seven day, 24 hour programmable thermostat
  • Monitors out-of-fuel condition
  • Tracks total heater run hours
  • Alerts when burner trips out
  • Monitors when to change the filter
  • Tracks when next heater maintenance is due

The SmartStat™ is designed for use with all EnergyLogic furnaces. (Carlin 52000 Primary Control, required burner trip monitoring, which can be retrofitted to any system.)

Video and product information: SmartStat

About EnergyLogic

For more than 25 years, our EPA-approved, UL-listed waste oil heaters and boilers have set the standard in fuel management and cost reductions in small and large facilities where used oil is generated. Onsite recycling is a simple, far-reaching way to harvest this onsite fuel source, increase comfort and eliminate disposal responsibilities and liabilities.

EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces and boilers are chosen by small garages and large corporations alike because they make heating with waste oil easy. Whether a do-it-yourselfer wants to self-install and service the equipment or a facility manager wants full service and installation, EnergyLogic waste oil heater designs and patented waste oil burners are all about simplicity of ownership.

We have expanded our product offering to include high volume, low speed fans, which provide a gentle, low impact, environmentally-friendly means of providing year-round comfort and savings. Through this partnership with MacroAir, the inventors of the HVLS fan, we are able to broaden our energy savings, cost reduction solutions.

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