SAY Media Research Shows Consumers Rely on Mobile Devices as Primary News Source, to Manage Health and Make Smarter Purchases

Mobile campaigns drive consumers through the marketing funnel faster; Video, interactive features increase time spent and clicks to site

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today, SAY Media announced the results of a new mobile research study, which found that smartphones and tablets increasingly influence consumer purchasing decisions, are used to monitor individual health and exercise habits and increase the efficiency of users’ lives. SAY also analyzed key campaign metrics from more than 100 recent mobile campaigns to better understand what mobile creative elements are most effective at capturing consumers’ attention. The data shows that advertising on mobile drives consumers through the marketing funnel faster and that mobile ad units that include video and interactive features deliver a significant increase in time spent and clicks to site.

"Mobile platforms are a powerful way to drive a more personal connection – they allow marketers a unique opportunity to get closer to consumers and deliver value in unprecedented ways," said David Tokheim, SVP of Media Solutions at SAY Media. “Our research findings explore how people are relying on mobile devices everyday, across both work and personal needs. These insights can guide any digital strategy to engage consumers at all phases of the marketing funnel."

Mobile Consumer Behavior: Embracing the Blended Life

People find mobile devices are indispensible in their daily lives, serving as everything from a shopping companion and media hub to a personal assistant and life coach. After conducting a survey with comScore among 1,200 smartphone users, SAY uncovered new ways that consumers rely on their mobile devices and some of the ways their mobile devices empower them both personally and professionally.

Consumers have become comfortable using their mobile device to help them throughout the purchase funnel, from product research to in-app mobile payments:

  • Sixty-one percent of respondents researched a product on their mobile device before making the decision to buy, while 37 percent validated a price at the point of sale.
  • Nearly half of respondents redeemed an offer using their mobile device.
  • Forty-four percent of respondents purchased goods on their mobile device, while 30 percent have made a payment through a mobile app, such as Square or Levelup.

Mobile applications that allow people to monitor health, finance and take notes in real-time have positioned our phones as digital personal assistants and life coaches:

  • Half of workers agree that their smartphones better enable them to take care of personal items during the workday. In contrast, only twenty-four percent of workers find their mobile devices make them feel more stressed.
  • One in three smartphone users have recorded exercise and food intake, taken meeting notes and tracked finances and day-to-day expenses, and monitored personal health on their mobile device.
  • Fifty-five percent of persons 18 to 24 recorded their exercise activity on their mobile device, and half of this age group tracked day-to-day expenses.

Content consumption has increased significantly on mobile devices, including watching videos and exploring other media:

  • Fifty-seven percent regularly stream music on their phones, a growing trend due to the popularity of apps like Spotify and Pandora.
  • Sixty-three percent have watched or posted a video on their mobile device
  • Men spend an average of five hours a week and women spend four hours a week watching mobile video.
  • One in three smartphone owners receive the majority of their news on a mobile device (and half of persons 18 to 24).

What Makes Mobile Campaigns Effective for Marketers

SAY’s study found that 65 percent of respondents feel anxious when they leave the house without their phone, reflecting a growing dependence on these untethered devices. This reliance on mobile provides new ways for brands to engage consumers wherever they are. SAY evaluated data from more than 100 recent campaigns in order to understand which elements make them most effective.

  • Mobile ads get consumers into the marketing funnel faster with three to five times higher click-to-site rates than the same campaigns online.
  • Features such as product carousels, mapping and “lookbooks” saw click-to-site rates three times as high as similar mobile ads without these interactive elements.
  • The inclusion of video in mobile ads increased time spent: for auto ads we saw a 28 percent increase in average time spent (compared to those without video) and for technology ads, there was a 32 percent increase in time spent.

"[For ZYRTEC®] we were looking to achieve engagement with our consumer to have them try to spend time with the brand and interact with different features that we could offer them. It was great to have different content for them, whether it was videos, coupons, tips about allergies... and all that translated to engagement and people spending time with the brand," said Jose Manuel Montenegro, Vidal Partnership.

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SAY Media partnered with comScore to field a custom survey of 1,209 smartphone or tablet owners and also used syndicated datasets from comScore MobileLens, Tablens, MobileMetrix to better understand the current mobile landscape. The company also conducted a series of consumer interviews, with eight friend-oriented focus groups in New York City and San Francisco. For the marketer-focused findings, SAY led thirty ‘1-on-1’ interviews with agency and marketing professionals and conducted five ‘1-on-1’ interviews with cross-platform publishers. Data was analyzed from more than 100 recent mobile campaigns (and close to 500 ad units) that have run on the SAY network.

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