KineticD Rescues ShofCorp from Permanent Data Loss

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- KineticD™, known for its cloud backup and data recovery services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), and ShofCorp, LLC, a service bureau that supports owners and managers of assisted housing properties, announced today that KineticD's KineticCloud Backup for PC successfully restored the data of a mission-critical application to ShofCorp's company server, keeping the company online and in business.

As a service bureau for Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS), ShofCorp transmits data to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) TRACS system for its clients. Additionally, it is the only service bureau that has a compliance website where customers can easily download and print the critical documents required by HUD.

Since 1985, ShofCorp has been providing assistance that generates vouchers to bill HUD on behalf of its clients. Additionally, CEO, Frank Shofner has been developing and perfecting ShofCorp's proprietary software, HudMaster™, for more than five years. The company relies on this program to maintain more than 400 projects in 40 states, so when it was discovered that several key folders within the program had been mistakenly deleted, Shofner looked to KineticD to help them restore the data and get the business back online.

"We rely on HudMaster to process and transmit data for our clients," said Shofner. "I was actually in the middle of a tech support call with my vendor, when something went haywire. Suddenly the entire source code folder of the app was gone. After recovering from the initial shock, the good news was, thanks to the professional staff at the KineticD data center, we were able to restore the missing folders and files very quickly. We also use KineticD to back up our web servers as well."

Following this incident, Shofner took inventory of the other programs he relies upon to maintain everyday business continuity and came to the conclusion that his Outlook data was nearly as important as the missing HudMaster folders. He realized that he had never tried restoring his Outlook files and the thought of losing these critical files was unimaginable.

Shofner decided it was time to run a test restore of the company's Outlook files. He took this opportunity to upgrade his Outlook on a new PC and used KineticCloud Backup to restore the all-important Outlook .PST file from KineticD's data center. Unbeknownst to him, KineticD's Windows Certified Open File Driver had been working in the background allowing him to backup Outlook while it was open, providing him with restore and versioning of these critical files, quickly and easily.

"SMBs have enough to worry about and protecting their data shouldn't be one of them," said Jamie Brenzel, CEO, KineticD. "Many SMBs, such as ShofCorp, rely on Outlook and proprietary software to sustain their businesses. We deliver Microsoft certified solutions that provide continuous data protection even while these critical applications are in use."

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