Relaunched Short Term Loans Finder Simplifies the Search

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces the relaunch of its popular search-and-compare service for short term loans. Offering a gateway to a long list of trustworthy and licensed US online lenders, the new release of the website demonstrates a user-friendly interface, powerful search capabilities and a fast live-linked application form that allows hundreds of lenders to scan and potentially approve an individual for lending within seconds.

Although PaydayLoansOnline is not a lender, it has established excellent working partnerships with an ever-increasing number of top North American lenders. Each featured lender has its own specialism, ranging from those offering 30-day loans online to students, those with poor credit, no credit or even bankruptcy filings. The range of lenders associated with the PaydayLoansOnline service makes for a comprehensive and almost all-encompassing search platform for any individual looking for quick, extra cash until next payday comes around.

A spokesperson for made the announcement.

"PaydayLoansOnline is proud to announce our relaunched site, with cosmetic as well as qualitative improvements forming a part of our makeover. We are always looking at ways to extend our service, build on it with excellence and give consumers access to the quickest and most painless way to get extra money for a short time or in an emergency. The most recent version of our website is our current offering to this objective."

The spokesperson continued to highlight the ways in which the relaunched service differs from others, namely banks, whose processes are bureaucratic, slow and invasive.

"Unsecured loans coming from banks are characterized by slowness and an excessive amount of red tape, including credit checking, multiple forms, too many questions and a disappointingly narrow choice of rates – it's pretty much "take what one is given." PaydayLoansOnline is proud to not use credit scoring. We offer consumers a straightforward way to a fast cash loan from a top lender through simplified two minute application form considered by lenders online. Each lender has its own rates, so a consumer can take their pick. If they are approved, the money could be in the borrower's account within a few hours and is repayable by direct bank transfer the following month."

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