Ohio Mayor/City Gets Mad About Parasitic Economy; Fights Back

MIDDLEFIELD, Ohio, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Village of Middlefield launched its new two-pronged website this week, less than four months after Mayor Ben Garlich all but declared war on the area's much-too-long economic slide.

"We will not use the global economic crisis as an excuse for complacency," says Garlich. "We are determined to bring Middlefield to new heights and to do that we simply must up our game."

The redesigned site, www.middlefieldmeansbusiness.com, has a double purpose: 1) to showcase the area's rural beauty, unique charm and many attractions and services to residents and future residents, and 2) to make a compelling case to commercial and industry sectors to build or move business to Middlefield. The site is the first visible outcome of Middlefield Means Business, a three-year stimulus plan developed by Garlich and the village's newly formed economic development committee.

"We have to demonstrate to business leaders that we will rally around them and respond to their needs," Garlich maintains. "We have shovel ready-land. We have the tax incentives. We have a wealth of natural resources, good transportation and competitive utilities. And we have an extremely high-performing nonunion workforce. There is no reason we shouldn't have industry forming a line at our door."

The site is designed to be a one-stop resource for anyone wanting to know anything about the Village of Middlefield. It has both a business section and a consumer section, and features a customizable and searchable business directory with benefits to both audiences. From the directory, a user can link to any Middlefield business to access a full description of the company, along with contact information, photographs and a map.

The industry-facing side of the site features content relating to economic incentives, available commercial property, workforce, zoning, utilities, tax, business partners/tools, village stats, maps and an opportunity to sign up for Middlefield's business e-letter.

Elsewhere on the site, residents and future residents can virtually explore the village's schools, churches, community services, government and emergency services, restaurants, and recreational facilities and parks.

Founded in 1799 and situated between the two major urban markets of Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Middlefield Village embraces its rural heritage, Midwestern work ethic, easy lifestyle and welcoming demeanor. For more information, contact bgarlich@middlefieldohio.com or call 440.632.5248.

SOURCE Village of Middlefield