Branding Growth Expert Ian Miller Says Companies Can Grow Rapidly with Ideas in "Rocket Branding" Book

CHICAGO, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Why do some brands take off and others don't?

Why do some brands drive revenue and increase profits every year, while others fight for survival?

The answer is "Rocket Branding," according to brand growth expert, Ian Miller. In his new book, Rocket Branding, he unveils the secrets that can help any brand 'rocket' – that is, take off fast, achieve accelerated acceptance, enjoy rapid growth and reap the rewards of inordinately high returns on marketing investments.

"I created Rocket Branding to help businesses and brands grow faster, higher and bigger," said Miller, who speaks about branding at industry conferences and who consults on branding issues with B2B, B2C, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies and research firms.

This new book contains the step-by-step process and brand management blueprint of how to create, launch and manage upwardly accelerating 'rocket' brands. The book includes 23 real world examples from well-known Fortune 100 brands and others on their way up – all of whom Miller personally coached or consulted.

"If you are responsible for building or launching a brand today you must know how to accelerate growth," says Miller, a leading advertising industry expert who was head of the Ad Federation of Chicago. "ROI, success, satisfaction and even loyalty can all be measured by growth. Growth is the antidote to everything. Everyone is happy when a brand is growing and everyone is unhappy, miserable and, especially today, lost when a brand isn't growing," he said. "Or, worse, going in the opposite direction of growth. If you doubt me, just look at Circuit City."

Miller's obsession with fast growth comes from 40 years of working with over 800 brands across most categories and throughout the world. His Rocket Branding work has helped grow five, one billion dollar brands, three of the top four leading sweetener brands in the world, a 100 year old global enterprise brand, a 200-year-old newspaper brand and three of the most successful new product brands in recent history. It runs the gambit from company brands like Monsanto and Harley Davidson, to product and service brands like Old Spice, Celebrex, Caremark, V8 and Internet rockets like Keeper.

This book is perfect for anyone who is responsible for growing a company, product or service brand in any space (B2C, B2B, B2E) and is especially useful today in helping to determine the best use of traditional and digital marketing tools and media.

Rocket Branding answers such questions as:

  • How do you decide which marketing or branding investment is right for you?
  • How do you allocate the funds across the different business units and brands?
  • How do I justify this ad/media buy?
  • What spending strategy is going to make the most impact on my ROI?
  • How will I measure the results?

The Rocket Branding process is deliberately fast so that good fresh thinking can be developed and employed in the market as soon as possible.

Miller offers many branding tactics and marketing strategies for creating Rocket Brands in his book, including:

  • Build a three-year accelerated growth strategy plan and do not let small weekly distractions change the course. Most of us focus on the daily to the detriment of the long-term, but if you build to the three-year plan, all the short-term distractions will be handled, he said.
  • Creating awareness, interest and impressions, are all admirable goals, but until you step up to the plate and swing for "creating a belief," you are probably going to strike out early – and often. Creating a belief is always most potent when that belief has a strong emotional pull.
  • Know Your Brand's Influencers. These are the individuals or organizations that can influence a brand belief and buying decision. This could be anyone from the media, to trade associations, to celebrities to your friendly retailer, peers and family.

"Growth has always been key. But here we are talking about fast growth and a deliberate plan to achieve it," he said.

To see how your company can create rocket brands, download two free chapters of Rocket Branding at

SOURCE Ian Miller