Rosslyn Analytics Launches World's First One-Click Automated Data Extraction and Analytical App for SAP Customers

SAP customers use revolutionary RAPid cloud enterprise data enrichment to perform advanced data analysis using pre-built dashboards and reports

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rosslyn Analytics today announced the immediate availability of RAPid Spend Analysis – Professional, the world’s fastest way for decision-makers and knowledge workers at SAP run organizations to automatically extract, classify and share business intelligence on-demand.

“Rosslyn Analytics has developed an incredibly easy-to-use tool that in minutes automatically extracts and combines together disparate data - financial, purchasing and master data - into one source for analysis,” said David Cowling, Head of SAP & Finance Systems at the University of Warwick. “All I had to do was to download the extraction app onto my desktop, log into my SAP system and click run. We had access to the analytics within the hour."

RAPid Spend Analysis – Professional, certified by SAP, is an example of how Rosslyn Analytics helps organizations confidently respond faster to rapidly changing business environments by connecting any data with relevant external information so employees don’t have to wait weeks or months for IT support (watch video).

End-user Benefits

  • Automatically extract and refresh data within hours, 24/7
  • Filter, search and group data as it is extracted in real-time
  • Personalize analysis by configuring dashboards and reports
  • Interrogate information by drilling-down into detail
  • Enrich data with third-party information such as supplier credit scores, environmental ratings

“Rosslyn Analytics has accelerated business discovery by developing what we believe is the easiest and fastest way for SAP customers to perform self-service data analysis,” stated Hugh Cox, Chief Innovation Officer, Rosslyn Analytics. “RAPid Spend Analysis – Professional is stunningly simple, providing business users with one-click access to interactive dashboards and reports. We have accomplished this feat by automating the extraction and integration of disparate data sources using our revolutionary cloud-based RAPid enterprise data enrichment platform.”

RAPid is an award-winning cloud-based enterprise data enrichment platform that is changing the way thousands of people easily manage data and create new business insights. With RAPid, customers can now start collaboratively developing and sharing dashboards, reports and other apps within minutes of loading data into the platform (watch video).

Unlike traditional (and some newer) business intelligence vendors, RAPid eliminates the need for customers to write scripts or schedule the transfer of data for real-time analysis and reporting. This is possible because the RAPid platform provides each client with its own cloud-based application and data repository.

RAPid gives users a unique self-service platform in which to progressively enrich information including combining disparate data sources, removing inaccuracies, classifying information and much more to create on-demand the better information required to make smarter, timely decisions.

RAPid Spend Analysis – Professional is available today free with a 30 day trial by downloading the app here. The app costs $199 per user, per month, for a 12 month license.

About Rosslyn Analytics

Rosslyn Analytics, recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held software companies in the world, helps organizations accelerate business performance and innovation by giving their employees the data they require to make smarter, timely decisions. Its revolutionary cloud-based RAPid enterprise data enrichment platform is serving 1,000s of decision-makers, developers and organizations deploy self-service analytics in the cloud. To join the revolution, sign-up today at Rosslyn Analytics is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified.

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