Burris Institute Eating Disorder Case Study Shows 90% Reduction in Suicidal Ideation Using Subconscious Restructuring®

HENDERSON, Nev., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Burris Institute announced a 90% Reduction in suicidal ideation from six sessions in an eating disorder case study. This is an important number because eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder. There were several other improvements which are also important for recovery.

  • 81% Reduction in depression
  • 90% reduction in hopelessness
  • 90% reduction in anger
  • 80% reduction negative self-talk
  • 80% reduction in anxiety
  • 50% improvement in sleep
  • 80% improvement in eating behavior
  • 47% improvement in relationship satisfaction

The full text to this study can be found here: http://bit.ly/Case-Study-4

"This is nothing new," said Kelly Burris, PhD; "We have been achieving these numbers for twenty two years since the introduction of Subconscious Restructuring® (SR®) into psychiatric care in 1990. Even though it took six sessions to achieve these numbers this is unusually long for an eating disorder." In the twenty two years Kelly has been working with eating disorders most are fixed in two-two hour sessions. This demographic is unique among all other disorders in that they are either very bright, well-educated or both. The other variable with this demographic according to Kelly is control. Once an eating disorder is taught how to take control of their subconscious processes they continue to assert it without the use of a counselor.

The big question is if the SR® process works this well for eating disorders will it work for weight loss? The answer to this is a resounding yes. There is a consistent process the subconscious must go through to bring about an emotional state and behavior. When one understands this process one can interrupt, restructure and reprogram all aberrant emotional states and behavior before they have the opportunity to wreak havoc. Understanding this consistent subconscious process also eliminates the need to label behavior disorders which is especially damaging to children.

How Does Your Subconscious Work Video and Three Free SR® eBooks

Burris Institute has posted a video on how the subconscious works and included three free SR® eBooks on the same page which cover three demographics.
Video & eBooks link: http://bit.ly/Free-SR-eBooks.

About Kelly Burris, PhD

Kelly Burris, PhD is a behavioral scientist, author of nine books on human behavior, developer of Subconscious Restructuring® and CEO at the Burris Institute. Burris Institute offers a three day evidence-based SR® Counseling Coaching Training and Certification which is implemented online at Burris Connect with an integral data protocol. Counselors and coaches trained in the SR® Process can be found at BurrisConnect.com.

The SR® process has been used with exemplary results for MDD (depression), eating disorders, PTSD, weight loss, OCD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, suicide prevention, substance abuse and relationships.

Kelly Burris, PhD

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