New SlimCleaner 4.0 Introduced to Keep PCs Clean, Optimized, Defragged and Up-to-Date

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SlimWare Utilities today announced SlimCleaner 4.0, the newest version of its popular PC cleaning and optimization software. Available for free at, SlimCleaner 4.0 is SlimWare Utilities' most ambitious update ever released for keeping PCs clean and running at peak performance. New features are included in the product's Cleaner Tab, Software Tab and Disk Tools Tab to repair, troubleshoot and optimize a PC.

"We've combined the solutions to the most common PC problems and put them all in a single, easy-to-use, automated software product," said Chris Cope, CEO of SlimWare Utilities. "This new version features an Intelligent Defrag, a Duplicate File Finder with IntelliMatch, a Solid-State Drive Optimization Tool and a Software Updater to keep all the software on a PC current."

Crowd-sourced and cloud-based, SlimCleaner 4.0 combines a powerful PC cleaning engine with a community of tech-expert users who provide real-time feedback about the apps and items on a PC, to help others improve their own computer's performance.

What's New in SlimCleaner 4.0:

New Interface: Gives users greater control and a faster experience, thanks to numerous refinements in SlimCleaner's interface. Enhancements are based on extensive studies of how users interact with the software.

Intelligent Defrag: Allows users to run a personalized defrag based on their specific PC hardware. SlimCleaner will identify a PC's hardware configuration and allow users to start a defrag based on settings intelligently determined by SlimCleaner based on that individual PC.

Software Updater: Lets users check for updates to the software on their PC and install those updates directly from SlimCleaner. SlimCleaner checks and installs updates for tens of thousands of commonly used software programs. Software updates are downloaded from SlimWare Utilities' cloud, and all updates are scanned for viruses using CloudScan technology, SlimWare Utilities' proprietary system of scanning files with multiple antivirus engines.

Solid-State Drive Optimization: Allows users to optimize the layout of files on their solid-state drives to speed-up loading programs and opening documents. The intelligent defrag system works with solid state drives by organizing files into logically sequential sectors while minimizing wear on the drive.

SSD Optimization means logically defragging the hard drive, so that to Windows, files are stored in logically sequential sectors. This process gets rid of the overhead Windows incurs when files are stored in non-logically-sequential sectors, and makes it easier and faster for the machine to load programs and open documents. Improvements in solid-state drive write cycles and endurance makes SSD optimization a good way to enhance solid state performance.

Duplicate Finder: Provides users with a quick, automated way to find and eliminate unnecessary duplicate files that can clutter and slow down a hard drive. The duplicate file finder wipes out extra or unneeded copies of files -- including text files, videos, music files, etc. -- that can take up space. The feature includes settings to allow for different levels of analysis.

The duplicate finder feature includes the company's new "IntelliMatch Scan" engine, which uses SlimWare Utilities' IntelliMatch technology to identify all duplicates. The engine works similar to a high-end antivirus to read the various parameters of each file and accurately identify all duplicates across an unlimited amount of drives.

By Popular Demand: Community Requested Features

All the new features in SlimCleaner 4.0 come at the request of the SlimWare Utilities' community of users. SlimWare reached out to its users on Facebook and Forums to assess what they most wanted to see added to the company's popular PC cleaning and optimizing products. Feedback showed that a duplicate file finder, defrag tool and an automated software updater were among the most requested tools. Cloud-based and crowd-sourced, SlimWare Utilities often seeks input from its community of users to help shape their products and services.

"We have a smart, highly interactive community of users, and we never take them for granted," said Chris Cope. "Our software is based on the premise of community feedback and user-generated data, and the new features in SlimCleaner 4.0 are a testimony to that."

Cope noted that with the addition of these key features, SlimCleaner 4.0 provides even novice users with the most advanced tools needed to keep their PCs fast, clean and up-to-date.

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SlimCleaner 4.0 is the newest version of SlimWare Utilities' award-winning, community-based software for making personal computers faster, cleaner and more fully optimized.

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