EXFO Pushes the Limits of Field-Testing Cost-Efficiency by Introducing Floating Test Licenses to Its FTB Ecosystem

FTB Anywhere™ floating licenses enable technicians - wherever they are - to share a pool of cloud-hosted test licenses, providing each user with the required functionalities, without the major CAPEX impact of upgrading each test unit

QUEBEC CITY, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) announced today the launch of FTB Anywhere™, a shared test license capability for the award-winning FTB platform ecosystem. This unique, innovative approach to delivering advanced test applications enables network operators to purchase a certain number of cloud-hosted licenses that can be shared by their technicians, whenever and wherever they are located.

FTB Anywhere is the latest application available for EXFO Connect, a cloud-based solution designed around the specific needs of installation and maintenance teams who are looking to significantly reduce the operational costs of managing their test equipment, as well as to maximize the value of their test results. The EXFO Connect solution enables operators to leverage their investment of EXFO's FTB platforms (FTB-1, FTB-200, FTB-500) by automating software upgrades, distribution of test configurations, asset inventory and reporting to ensure process compliance and that all platforms and configurations are up-to-date and consistent throughout the entire test equipment pool.

With the introduction of FTB Anywhere, operators can now profitably scale the test capabilities of their FTB ecosystem platforms in just minutes, avoiding the time and expense of traditional factory-based upgrades. This innovative approach provides operators with the flexibility to purchase any number of cloud-hosted, floating test licenses, which can be made available to any FTB platform on an at-need basis when and where required.

Traditionally, test software licenses are dedicated to a specific test device, and cannot be shared across other devices. As a result, operators are forced to purchase test functionality that they may only use occasionally. With the ability to quickly and efficiently activate and deactivate FTB Anywhere floating test licenses on any FTB platform, operators can now equip their technicians with the required functionality at a fraction of the cost of upgrading their entire fleet of test equipment. In addition, any floating test license can be easily activated from the FTB platform itself, which maximizes the productivity of field technicians and avoids costly delays by ensuring they will always have the proper feature set to complete the job.

"By adding FTB Anywhere to the EXFO Connect solution, EXFO is showing its commitment to expanding a unique solution that is fully dedicated to helping carriers improve their operational efficiency as they deploy and maintain their networks," said Étienne Gagnon, Vice-President of EXFO's Test and Measurement Division. "The FTB Anywhere cloud-based, shared-license approach is an industry first which brings unprecedented automation and intelligence to the test and measurement process of our customers' operations."

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