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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The debt crises in the Europe not only impacted the regional economic sectors and significantly cut its influence on the global scene, but affected economies of all world countries since a large number of overseas players participate in the activity of the European business market. As a result, a number of small-sized companies had to leave the market or review their expansion plans. However, at present some European manufacturers see relative stability in staff recruitment operations, while some expect a rise in operational efficiency in the near future.

New study “European Survey of Financial Executives 2012 – The Eurozone Crisis: Its Effect on Businesses and Possible Countermeasures” elaborated by Timetric deepens comprehension of how the European debt crisis influences regional business and economic environment and describes strategies developed to overcome the crisis. The study discloses alterations in the both exports and investments levels. The research unveils the key economic concerns and factors impacting regional business operations. Influence of credit availability on the investment activity, business priorities for 2012-2013, future expectations are also available.

Report Details:

Title: European Survey of Financial Executives 2012 – The Eurozone Crisis: Its Effect on Businesses and Possible Countermeasures

Published: September, 2012

Pages: 80

Price: US$ 2,000.00

Report Contents:


1.1 What is this Report About?

1.2 Definitions

1.3 Methodology

1.4 Profile of Survey Respondents



3.1 Key Economic Concerns

3.1.1 Key economic concerns by company type

3.1.2 Key economic concerns by company turnover

3.2 Impact on Export Volumes 2011–2013

3.2.1 Impact on export volumes – manufacturing sector

3.2.2 Impact on export volumes – service sector

3.2.3 Impact on export volumes by company turnover

3.3 Impact on Investment Activity 2011–2013

3.3.1 Impact on investment activities – manufacturing sector

3.3.2 Impact on investment activities – service sector

3.4 Impact on Hiring

3.4.1 Impact on hiring by company type

3.4.2 Impact on hiring by company turnover


4.1 Major Economic Factors Influencing Business

4.1.1 Major economic factors influencing business by company type

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